India being the country with the second largest population in the world and at the same time being the fastest growing and influential economy, has surprisingly seen and undergone a rapid expansion over the past few decadesin its higher education system. India now has the largest higher education systems in the world, after China and the USA. As a result, there are thousands of colleges and universities in India coming up to fulfill the need for quality education for all.

Selecting the right University to pursue your higher education, might be tricky and difficult at times, with literally 100s of options to choose. It is important for students to study through the pros and cons of universities, before taking a blind leap of faith into an unknown territory. Various factors like specializations, curriculum, and affiliations of the University, campus rating, placement and internship opportunities, research opportunities need to be evaluated before picking a University for your further studies.

To make it easy for you, with the tedious selection process, we at Academic Insightshave recognized the University of the Year (private) for you. We bring the most exciting title called “The University of the Year”, which is an annual recognition program for private universities across the country. Private Universities, who have shown tremendous performance in the last academic year, participate in this program and we evaluate them based on various factors. Due to the lack of right marketing, many noteworthy universities miss reaching to the right students and the right crowd.

We at Academic Insights, help the Universities with the right amount of marketing required to reach out to the right students on time and help students with the right guidance so that they make a calculated guess, towards picking the right University for his/her endeavor towards achieving excellence.

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