Upskillers Galore


With the ongoing pandemic ready to leave a long-lasting impact on all our lives, this scenario has forced us to innovate and change the way we look at life and work. Moreover, with the competitiveness among corporates and employers at an all-time high, trained professionals are the most needed commodities of the post-pandemic age. Also, to stay ahead in the game of life, learning new skills and adapting to the new technological change is a must. Upskilling has become a pressing issue for recruiters and organizations, where uncertainty is at our doorstep, thereby, companies are moving towards a more data-driven approach to business and operations.

These crisis times also provided young graduates and students to take advantage of the digitalization, and everything available online, which included the concerted efforts made by authorities and educational institutions. In pursuit of unlocking India’s true potential, the government has been proactively preaching upskilling in various domains, which in turn, benefit from this window of opportunity. Subsequently, on the work front, employers are looking for candidates who are highly motivated and possess multiple skillsets, as the nature of work is ever-changing.

Considering Indian higher education in specific and its transformation, considerably due to the changes in the education sector across the world, the whole scenario has been majorly influenced by the country’s innate persona, structure, and values, which are its roots. Also, Higher education in our country has paved a pathway for immense economic, political, social, and cultural transformation in India and moves faster towards achieving better results, through a better society. Educational aspirants undergoing immense times of uncertainty are currently looking for educational hubs which can educate them, as well as turn them into skilled professionals. Playing a major role in training, honing, and preparing students for a completely new social era, the new dawn of university education in our country has reached its peak. Addressing all the issues of globalization and other socio-economic issues, the focus is still relentlessly laid on skill development rather than just conferring degrees.

Inculcating traditional knowledge in every individual is what all the universities in India are working towards, utilizing effective education methodologies with contemporary approaches and knowledge universities across the length and breadth of India boast of a massive knowledge base, which helps them teach in many efficient ways. Lastly, India is a quintessential example of the multiplicity of thoughts, languages, races, ethnicity, lifestyles, and scientific, artistic, and philosophical perceptions, the teaching/learning imparted in well in tune with the country’s ways. Embracing and promoting diversity, enabling open-mindedness in the students, allowing cultural exchange, and stimulating critical thinking.
We hope that this issue helps students, who are looking forward to pursuing their higher education, find the right University for their ambitious endeavors ahead.