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Uttar Pradesh Government to change school timings under new education policy

The Uttar Pradesh Government is all set to implement a new education policy. The government will soon change the school schedules under the new education policy. According to a new Education Policy, the government will reduce the hours of study in schools. There will now be only 29 hours of teaching in schools. Classes will be conducted from 5 to 5.30 hours from Monday to Friday, while the class on the second Saturday of every month will be conducted from 2 to 2.30 hours. Also, there will be a holiday in schools on two Saturdays.

Similarly, the maximum time limit for classes on general subjects will be reduced from 45 to 35 minutes, while classes on major subjects will be conducted for 50 minutes.

Consideration on implementing the policy
In order to implement the new education policy, the Uttar Pradesh government has ordered the Education Department to prepare new rules for studies in schools under the National Curriculum Framework of the New Education Policy.

After the implementation of the new rules, the duration of the class will be 35 minutes. The duration of the major subject classes, including Math, Hindi, English, science, etc., will be fixed at 40 to 50 minutes. Under the New Education Policy, schools have been asked to hold classes for a total of 29 hours a week.

Students will attend school without bags
To provide relief to students from the burden of their studies, the New National Education Policy has introduced a new way of teaching. Now, the students will be allowed to attend school for at least 10 days in a year without bags. The students will be taught through oral and experimental methods.

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