Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences for Women (Autonomous)


In a society where knowledge is power and education unlocks countless opportunities, the empowerment of women is a cause we cannot afford to overlook. Picture a nurturing environment where the thirst for knowledge is cultivated, where dreams are not just encouraged but celebrated, and where the future’s brightest minds emerge to shape the world. Welcome to Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences for Women (Autonomous). Affiliated with Periyar University, Vivekanandha College proudly boasts an ‘A+’ Grade accreditation from NAAC, AICTE approval, and ISO 9001:2015 certification.

So it Began!

Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences for Women (Autonomous) commenced its journey in the realm of women’s education in the year 1995. It was initiated under the auspices of the Angammal Educational Trust, presided over by the eminent educationist ‘Vidhya Rathna’ Prof. Dr. M. KARUNANITHI, B.Pharm., M.S., Ph.D., D.Litt., in honor of the revered Saint Vivekanandha. The educational institutions are strategically located on both sides of the Tiruchengode-Namakkal Main Road in Elayampalayam, approximately 6 kilometers away from Tiruchengode.

Dr. P. Baby Shakila, the Principal, stated, “What commenced with a modest enrollment of just 65 students during its inception has now transformed into the largest women’s college in India.” She further expressed, “We take pride in accommodating over 7,500 young female scholars spread across more than 18 academic departments. This incredible growth and success story has been made possible through the unwavering commitment, tireless effort, sacrifices, and visionary leadership of our chairman.” In addition, during our conversation, the Principal also highlighted that due to the institution’s exceptional performance and accomplishments, they have been granted autonomous status, marking a significant milestone in their educational journey.

Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences in a Nutshell

The college offers a wide array of UG, PG, M. Phil and Ph.D. programs across the domains of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer Science and Applications, English, Economics, and many more under the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS). Each program comprises a series of courses, with each course being a distinct component within the program.

Courses encompass a range of teaching and learning activities, such as lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, seminars, project work, practical training, assignments, industrial training, viva voce examinations, or a combination thereof, tailored to meet educational needs. Credits are assigned to courses to quantify the syllabus content and determine the required weekly instructional hours. Also, the college follows an Outcome-Based Education (OBE) which was implemented to ensure national standards and international comparability for global competitiveness.

Continuing the tradition established by the college and the trust, the campus houses several centers with diverse objectives. Whether it’s the Center for Career Guidance, offering career awareness programs in every field, or the Center for Women Empowerment, dedicated to the vital mission of empowering women in line with Swami Vivekanandha’s ideals, the college fosters an inclusive atmosphere that warmly welcomes students from various backgrounds.

Moreover, Vivekanandha recognizes that faculty development plays a pivotal role in institutional effectiveness. The institution’s commitment to supporting faculty development significantly impacts engagement in learning, research endeavors, and the realization of their objectives and goals. Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences for Women (Autonomous) takes proactive steps by offering tailored training programs to meet the specific needs of the onboard faculty members. This initiative equips teachers with the tools to effectively plan and deliver lessons, deepen their understanding of subject matter, and enhance overall teaching quality.

Empowering Student Success

Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences’ not only emphasizes on inside the classroom excellence, but also motivates its students through effective placement training opportunities. From soft skills to placing importance on personality growth and effective communication, and eventually receiving technical skill training, Vivekanandha shows real excellence in all-rounded development of its students.

Vivekanandha College takes great pride in its center for Research and Innovation, which is dedicated to fostering a research-centric culture within the institution. This center actively promotes research in emerging and challenging domains spanning life science, physical science, computer science, and social sciences. It serves as a catalyst, motivating both students and faculty members to engage in research across newly emerging interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields.

Furthermore, this center collaborates closely with the departments to facilitate the organization of national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, project competitions, and large-scale science expos. It plays a pivotal role in encouraging faculty members to publish their research articles in reputable journals and to submit research proposals to various funding agencies.

Beyond the Classroom

Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences for Women has not only excelled in academics but has also left an indelible mark in the arena of sports and games, bringing great pride not only to Periyar University but also to their own institution. Students have consistently represented the college with dedication and fervor, participating in a wide array of sports events, including Inter-Collegiate, South Zone Inter University, All India Inter University, National, State, and District-level competitions.

Fellow competitors and onlookers alike have been consistently impressed by the superior performances of these student-athletes in various sports and games. The Physical Education Department’s own Dr. P. Baby Shakila expressed her sincerest appreciation to the management for their generosity in providing complimentary education, meals, and accommodations to these sports students. She also proudly highlighted the exemplary skills and talents of our students in Kabbadi, Football, Fencing, Silambam, Badminton, Basketball, and Kho-Kho, which have brought great honor and recognition to our institution.