XIME Chennai


With India being home to one of the largest number of engineers and MBAs in the world, management aspirants of today do have a wide range of options to choose from, before taking the plunge into the world of business management. Even though India is peppered with a myriad of options, it is understandable that most people consider the outcomes and experiences before coming to the final decision. Thus, always striving towards final outcomes, along with ensuring the most inclusive atmosphere for students to learn and grow, Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME), Chennai, comes out as one of the prestigious colleges with excellence and knowledge intertwined with advancing technologies, creating capable managers cum leaders of tomorrow.

Future-ready Managers in the Making

A brainchild of Prof. J Philip, a former Director of IIM-Bangalore and Dean at XLRI, his vision was to carry forward his elaborate 60+ years of experience in Management Education, and start an institute that could provide ample opportunities for students to participate in research-related activities. XIME (Chennai), was that dream come true for him, where Experiential Learning coupled with the most curated Research Methodologies make way to such a curriculum and pedagogy, where students not only excel inside the classroom, but also, are encouraged to take up research to the fullest. From giving access to Harvard Business Cases and digital databases to the students, to helping them understand the latest research and innovative activities taking place globally, the primary objective of XIME (Chennai) is to encourage, drive and inspire young students to work on their innovative ideas, and to excel as all-rounders.

Strategically situated in the SIPCOT (State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu) Industrial Area in Oragadam (Chennai), XIME offers all its students an unparalleled experience of academic excellence. Rooted in the core values of XIME, the Chennai campus foregrounds global connections and entrepreneurial leadership, emphasizing on 100% placements, and holistic growth. Offering a 2-year residential PGDM program with specializations in Finance, Marketing, HR, Analytics and Operations, the b-school owes its strong industrial connections to its close proximity with industrial giants and top corporations. “We have the most architecturally exquisite facade resembling Harvard, and the campus provides a perfect blend of industrial sophistication, scholarly temperament and aesthetic pleasure”, shares Dr. Ravi Veeraraghavan, the Director in-charge of XIME, elaborating on how XIME is not just another b-school, but, a hope towards a brighter future for all its current and future students.

A fine-step towards nation building
Well in-sync with the market trends and demands, increased focus is laid on current stats, and is included as a vital part of the curriculum at XIME (Chennai). Be it studying about the Contemporary Business Environment in an intense Learning Circle, students are given business newspapers individually, where the library is equipped with several national and international magazines. Industry experts too visit XIME-Chennai on a regular basis, and share the latest trends and practices, preparing students for their corporate livelihoods, well-ahead of their starting points. Also, XIME Chennai comprises a fine mix of faculties who have both academic backgrounds, as well as, industry backgrounds, who teach several new subjects in Analytics, Digital Marketing and Technology areas like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain etc. Moreover, the onboard faculty members are encouraged to take part in various Faculty Development Programs (FDP) throughout the year, and partake in syllabus revision and redevelopment to meet the changing requirements of the market.

The teaching processes and methodologies followed at Xavier Institute of Management (Chennai) are very unique and effective, as the Academic needs of the student are addressed through a variety of methods. “Lecture sessions are supplemented with Harward case studies, individual and team exercises, live projects, assignments, seminar presentations, business games, quizzes, etc, and due emphasis is given to make students good team leaders and team players”, shared Dr. Ravi Veeraraghavan. Taking time out of his busy schedule and addressing all the questions posed to him, the Director took us on a virtual/verbal tour of the b-school, and gave us real insights into the ethos present at XIME (Chennai).

Furthermore, when Dr. Ravi was asked about how important Entrepreneurship is at XIME Chenna, he answered – “In giving full meaning to its name, where “E” is part of XIME, we promote the spirit of Entrepreneurship and facilitate students interested in becoming entrepreneurs”. Continuing on his above point, he added – “We have Entrepreneurship as the core subject for every student as part of the curriculum, and we also have an active Entrepreneur Club which invites Entrepreneurs to share their experiences with the students”. Through the conversation with the Director, we also learnt that the Institute has an active incubation center in Bangalore to accelerate start-ups and to create a favorable entrepreneurial environment on the campus.

All thanks to the impressive infrastructure present on the XIME Chennai campus, even during the pandemic, the b-school with the help of new tools for online teaching and monitoring ensured that smooth learning went on despite the global crisis situation. Various platforms like Google meet & Zoom provided an opportunity to reach out to experts that could come on as guest lecturers who might have been previously unavailable due to geographic distances. While traditional classroom organization has given way to a variety of new ways, XIME (Chennai) going ahead plans to march ahead with the blended way of education, thus leveraging the benefits of connectivity by online mode and at the same time preserving the traditional system too.

Prof. J Philip – Founder

Founder of XIME ChennaiThe founder of Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME), Prof. J Philip is currently the Chairman of XIME Bangalore and Academic Advisor for XIME, Chennai. In his career spanning more than 60 years, he helped turnaround IIM Bangalore in 1980s, conceptualized and launched B-school association AIMS, and set up XIME group of institutions from scratch in early 1990s. XIME Bangalore has successfully expanded into Chennai and Kochi, under his able leadership.

Dr. Ravi Veeraraghavan – Director
Director of XIME ChennaiA vital part of XIME (Chennai) since its inception, Dr. Ravi has taken various leadership roles in XIME-Chennai over the last 5 years. He has over 25 years of industry experience working at leadership levels in global corporations like Ford Motor Company, TCS, TI India, etc. He has been exposed to diversified areas such as Finance, Strategy, M&A, Consulting, Customer Relationship, Service Management, Quality, Regulatory and Compliance. During his industry career, he has handled various large global customers in the US, Europe and Asia including Japan. He has extensively worked in Japan as part of TCS on the strategic initiatives relating to its expansion of business in Japan. As part of a contribution to the Industry, he has also successfully led the development of the International ISO Standard- ISO/IEC 30105 (industry standard for IT-enabled services) at a global level working with 30+ countries and international experts across different companies.