Maharashtra’s Top 20 Educational Institutions

Maharashtra’s Top 20 Educational Institutions- 2019

Maharashtra–The Richest And The Learnt State Of India!

Education is meant to enlighten, ignite the imagination and create well-rounded citizens. It is meant to serve a loftier purpose than merely preparing money-crazed individuals. In India, financial reward as a result of education must be secondary to creating young men and women who could change the country for the better.

Today, most students study only to earn a degree which drives them to prepare for exams only when exams approach. Studying in this manner is not conducive to real learning and most who study in such a manner just scrape by and pass. They don’t get good marks and certainly don’t learn much. Because such students are driven only by the desire to earn a degree, they don’t do justice to themselves or society.

Making matter worse is the fact that such student’s sole aspiration for earning a degree, namely, finding a job, remains unfulfilled because upon graduation they don’t have skills that make them employable. A major challenge is the graduate’s inability to converse in English, convey their stand on global trends and find creative solutions to ameliorate recurring problems.

This is where Maharashtra has been sowing seeds of change. The Maharashtra state government has decided to convert ashram schools to English and semi-English medium schools in a bid to provide tribal students in rural areas an English medium education. This initiative of the Maharashtra state government and the revealing of the Maharashtra SSC result, 2019 turned our head to the Commercial Capital of India.

Our panel of HR managers, industry experts, and the editorial team has laboriously sifted through various names to bring you the cream le cream of the management education industry. We have shortlisted a set of educational institutions that have created a niche for themselves in terms of research prowess, competent faculty, infrastructure excellence, innovative pedagogy, and international collaboration. We hope that the list we compiled, “Maharashtra’s Top 20 Educational Institutions’ enables all stakeholders to make an informed decision.

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