India’s 10-Best Pharmacy Colleges 2021

As the pharma industry of our country continues to evolve at a rapid pace, pharmacy education needs to transform itself to help and meet the emerging opportunities and nullify the drastic challenges. Leaders and experts reflect on the strategies needed to bring about this metamorphosis, eventually helping pharmacy education in the progress of the pharma sector. Yet, in India, it is entangled in several issues. One of the major issues is the implementation of the right courses as academic programs and organizational drawbacks, which do not meet industry expectations. This has resulted in many vacancies in the organized sector along with a high rate of unemployment among the skilled categories. Understanding the criticality of the issue, Express Pharma spoke to industry experts to find out how these issues can be resolved by pharma institutions across our country that have started an endless race of creating better talent in terms of quality and quantity, while at the same time – working towards a better educational household.
Also, in the recent years, we have seen a lot of pharmacy colleges mushrooming across the country, especially in rural India. However, a constant lament is that students from many of these institutes lack exposure due to outmoded curriculum changes and various other factors. This is also one more of the most spoken about issues concerning the pharma sector, and the colleges/institutes of today are in the process of curating the best of curriculum, aiming to generate a holistic and well-trained expertise to the society. Moreover, avoiding the aspect of outdatedness and not letting students get hassles on their way of getting nurtured into young professionals, latest advancements in pharma technology are being utilized, helping students get along with industry stakeholders well in-sync with the current scenario.
One more very important aspect of the field of pharma education is the need of implementing and preaching the importance of research and innovation in this very field. Especially concerning today’s post-pandemic world is the innovation in drug delivery methods, as it is clearly the future of the Indian pharma industry and pharmacy course structure in India. Mainly consisting of two facets of profession: patient (pharmacy practice) and product (industrial pharmacy)-oriented pharmacy.
All in all, despite our country having 700+ pharmacy colleges offering M. Pharm every year and 15000 students passing out from these colleges looking for a career in R & D have suffered at the behest of quantity, only quite a few brands have lived up to their expectations and made their students capable leaders. Thereby, with a primary aim to simplify the effort you put in and reduce the amount of time you spend deciding which parameters to be considered before picking the right Pharmacy College for your future endeavors, we at Academic Insights have come up with an edition exclusively displaying the top Pharmacy colleges based on the different parameters of academics they excelled in, in the previous academic year.
Having come up with the title of “India’s Best 10 Pharmacy Colleges 2021” for this edition, where we aim to serve as a prime platform for Pharmacy colleges to highlight their attributes and niches. We have ensured that this edition will give a unique opportunity for colleges to highlight their contributions towards society, by providing quality technical/pharma education and enabling the masses towards a better future. We have given many of the participating colleges a chance to connect to the right reader, in turn helping our readers make a calculated decision of picking the right Pharmacy college for their educational endeavors.

India's 10-Best Pharmacy Colleges 2021

Sr. no. College Name Location
1 Bangalore Group of Institutions Bengaluru, KA
2 Chitkara College of Pharmacy Rajpura, PB
3 JSS College of Pharmacy Mysore, KA
4 JSS College of Pharmacy Mysore, KA
5 LM College of Pharmacy Bengaluru, KA
6 Progressive Education Society’s Modern College of Pharmacy Pune, MH
7 Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Mumbai, MH
8 NSHM Knowledge Campus Kolkata, WB
9 Poona College of Pharmacy Pune, MH
10 The Oxford College of Pharmacy Bhubaneshwar, OR