India’s 10 Best Aviation & Hotel Management Colleges

Aviation Institutes

Cover Image of Engineering Survey 2022Thanks to the global pandemic, Airline companies are reducing their operating expenses and looking for more ways to cut expenses. One particular area that has caught their attention is the training expenses. Therefore, once this dust settles, Aviation industries will look for job-ready professionals who can take the reins without much ado. This is why it is impertinent to strengthen aviation education institutions, build additional training infrastructure and enforce strict monitoring to ensure the quality of training and skill development.
Thereby, catering to all the needs of an aviation professional of today, various colleges across the country have started on their journey of imparting the best aviation management education to the masses. But this results in students stuck in a dilemma in the process of choosing the best college for their endeavors. Hence, in order to ease this process of selecting the appropriate and ideal aviation college/institute, we at the Academic Insights have curated a list of best aviation colleges across our country and put them together, so that only the best get the recognition they deserve.

This edition will be called – Top 10-Aviation Institutes of India 2022, each featured institute has been carefully chosen by our panel of experts who have put explicit stress on selecting only the best and second to none aviation institutes of the country. Before the final selection, the panel has spent sizable time in researching and analyzing each institute precisely, basically following four parameters, viz. Academic Excellence, Infrastructure-Facilities, Industry-Interface, and Placements. We ardently believe that going through the institutes that we have featured here, will help the students in finding their true call and achieve a productive and blissful future. Whether they envision starting their own entrepreneurial journey or get a foot into professional life, the institutes that have been listed here promise to provide everything a budding aviation aspirant of the 21st century dreams of.

Sl no Pharma Institute City, State
1 Aditi Mahavidyalaya New Delhi
2 Airrath Institute of Education and Aviation Training Pvt. Ltd New Delhi
3 Banasthali Vidyapith Jaipur, RJ
4 Felix Pilot Training Institute Chennai, TN
5 HAL Management Academy Bengaluru, KA
6 Hindustan Academy Bengaluru, KA
7 Kristu Jayanti College Bengaluru, KA
8 Nehru College of Aeronautics & Applied Sciences Kuniyamuthur, TN
8 Panache’ Academy Vadodara, GJ
10 Western India Institute of Aeronautics Ahmedabad, GJ

Hotel Management Institutes

Cover Image of Engineering Survey 2022For an aspiring hospitality student, choosing a good hotel management institution is a crucial decision. There are plenty of options available. But, the most important part, though, is to figure out the value of the school/ Alongside value, they might consider aspects such as the institute’s reputation, placement track record, infrastructure and a curriculum that promises professional excellence.
Tourism and Hospitality has seen a tremendous amount of growth in recent years and is showing a huge potential in the near future. The demand for competent Hotel Management graduates is huge and is expected to raise more with the increasing number of hotels being set up in India. Graduates perceive Hotel Management beyond its glamor and a career it has become more lucrative, exciting, and attracting. However, they should be able to stand on their foot, when it comes to the Hotel Management industry. They need to be hardworking and should possess communication and interpersonal skills with an ability to handle disputes or criticism with patience. They need to be co-operative, polite, and respectful towards the audience present in all types of situations.
To say it is going to be a rough year for the hotel management industry would be the understatement of the year. However, once the pandemic curve has been flattened out, industries will slowly start climbing up. This is when they will be on the lookout for professionals who can help these industries bounce back. This is why we at the Higher Education Digest felt the importance of showcasing “ India’s Best 10 Hotel Management Colleges 2022” during these troubled times as paramount. The names listed in this issue have created a niche for themselves in the industry and will continue to support the Hotel Management vertical at all times.

Sl no Institute City, State
1 Chandigarh University Chandigarh, PB
2 School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, D.Y. Patil University Navi Mumbai, MH
3 Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management Kolkata, WB
4 Garden City University Bengaluru, KA
5 ITM Institute of Hotel Management Bengaluru, KA
6 Oriental School of Hotel Management Bengaluru, KA
7 Osmania University Hyderabad, TS
8 Presidency University Kolkata, WB
9 Shoolini University Bajhol, HP
10 T John College of Hotel Management Bengaluru, KA

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