The Strong Link between Hotel Management and Aviation


Are you someone who has a courteous behavior, a zest for traveling and a hotel management degree? If yes, this can help you enter into the aviation industry, one of the fastest growing industries in India. Aviation industry in India is growing exponentially and is estimated to employ 4 million people by 2035. And, not many people know the scope of hotel management in the field of aviation. 

Not many people who take hotel management degrees have the aim to work in the airline industry. In fact, most of them don’t even consider aviation as an option when they join a hotel management course. A hotel management course is not confined to just working in lodges, hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos and clubs. Where in actuality, a hotel management-degree holder has been exposed to other skills of hospitality too, including courteous behavior, excellent communication skills, team work, technical skills and many others. Most of these skills are apt to work in the aviation industry as well. Having such a diverse range of skills can help one in venturing into the aviation industry with ease.

Job opportunities in this sector are not just confined to becoming flight attendants and pilots. Various opportunities like ticketing agents, airline administrative support, operations agent, airport station attendant, and passenger service agent among others, are a few examples of opportunities that the aviation industry provides.

As a hotel management degree holder is trained in most of these skills that are required in the aviation sector, they are eligible to apply for most of the openings in this sector. A diploma in hospitality may be enough to crack in some of the entry-level positions, like cabin crew positions. For higher management positions, you might need a bachelor’s degree. Some bachelor degrees are especially tailored for the tourism, airline and hospitality sectors that will prepare you for these jobs. Since longer flights serve food to the passengers, airlines also hire culinary managers for in-flight food and beverages. So, a degree in hotel management can be a perk for you.

All of these job opportunities have very high pay scales as the aviation industry asks to give a lot from their employees. For example, a flight attendant’s minimum salary can be around Rs 40,000, keeping in mind that they have no fixed work hours as such. Working in an airline is definitely a daunting task, but once you have a passion for traveling and you are freshly graduated in hospitality, it all makes sense.