Top 10 Universities in UK 2021 for International Students

After having done a considerable amount of research and analysis on some of the best universities of Italy who have outperformed on various factors when compared to their peers, in the academic year of 2020-21. Factors such as Selection Process & Eligibility Criteria, Financial aid and Scholarships for Indian Students, Affordability, Academic and learning environment, Research volume, influence, reputation and income, Infrastructure, accommodations and Facilities, Impact of New knowledge and Ideas, Personality Development, and Industry Income & Entrepreneurship were considered during the process of shortlisting the universities, and thus only the best have made it to the list. This edition will have a title – “Top 10 Universities in UK 2021 for International Students”, where we act as a credible guide for all those students, who are looking forward to picking the right university in the United Kingdom, for a complete international educational experience. Also, this edition would serve as a platform for universities to showcase their contribution towards society, by giving out independent, socially responsible citizens to the world, ready to take their respective spots in this huge world outside. 

Sl no. College  City
1 University of Oxford Oxford
2 University of Cambridge Cambridge
3 University College London London
4 University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
5 University of Manchester Manchester
6 Swansea University Swansea
7 University of St Andrews St Andrews
8 University of Warwick Warwick
9 University of Dundee Dundee
10 King’s College London London