India’s Top 50 Non IIM’s B Schools Survey 2023

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The global landscape is undergoing significant changes, and this has had an impact on the corporate world. It is crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and societal changes. As individuals, our primary goal should be to smoothly progress up the ladder of success, and the ability to transition from one phase to another is equally important. Drawing inspiration from billionaires and visionary industrialists can inspire us to dream big and think differently. By examining their lives, we notice a recurring pattern, namely, the importance of a solid education in management. It goes without saying that those who wish to establish themselves in the ever-changing and dynamic business arena need a strong foundation in business education. A reputable business school enables you to learn, grow, and acquire knowledge in innovation, creativity, research, and entrepreneurship.

As the world moves towards new careers, professions, and ideas each day, numerous young minds compete rigorously to gain an academic boost and a platform to showcase their excellence. However, with the rapid increase in the number of business schools across the country, choosing the right college has become a daunting task for students and parents. They seek a college that will meet their expectations and provide a worthwhile return on their investment of time and money. To alleviate this selection process, we, at Academic Insights, have created “India’s Top Business Schools Survey 2023.” This survey includes only a handful of institutes that offer exceptional management education, aiming to produce professionals equipped with real-world business experience and desired skills.

Each institute featured in our survey has been carefully chosen by our panel of experts, who emphasized selecting the best and unparalleled business institutes in the country. Before making the final selection, the panel dedicated significant time to researching and analyzing each institute, focusing on four key parameters: Academic Excellence, Infrastructure-Facilities, Industry-Interface, and Placements. We strongly believe that reviewing the institutes presented here will help students discover their true calling and achieve a prosperous and fulfilling future. Whether they aspire to embark on their entrepreneurial journey or enter the professional world, the compiled institutes promise to provide everything a 21st-century business aspirant dreams of.

Parameter weightage breakdown:

Establishment & Approvals: (17%) AICTE Approval, Institute Affiliation/ Association, Collaboration/Association with International Universities/Institutes, Collaboration/Association with Industry Bodies/ Companies, No. of graduating batches etc.

Faculty, Research & Publications : (25%)  Faculty Strength, Faculty qualifications and experience (teaching + Industry), Course Curriculum, Publications by Faculty, national and international journals, No. of titles in library and e-journals.

Current Students & Admissions : (8%)

Specializations, No. of students, Entrance exams and cut off score, eligibility criteria, batch strength, student profile, student ratio, eligibility criteria

Infrastructure & Facilities (20%)

Total Campus Area, Built-up area, College Facilities, No. of classrooms, computing facilities in classrooms, Internet accessibility.

Placements & Salary Statistics: (30%) Pre-placement Exercises, Placement Week, Companies’ participation, Total percentage of graduates in final placements, Salary Statistics (average & Highest salary packages offered).  We sincerely hope that the HER Survey will help the student community to broaden their horizons and grasp opportunities beyond the IIMs while helping them select the right colleges. The following pages contain select features of colleges included in the survey.

Rank College Name City Composite Score (1000)
1 XLRI - Xavier School of Management Jamshedpur 978.5
2 Management Development Institute Gurugram, NCR 972.5
3 Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune, MH 960.25
4 S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research Mumbai, MH 958.55
5 School of Business Management SVKM's NMIMS Mumbai, MH 949.54
6 Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) New Delhi 948.84
7 Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai, TN 938.5
8 T. A. Pai Management Institute Manipal, KA 937.85
9 Goa Institute of Management Goa, GA 937.65
10 K. J. Somaiya Inst. of Mgmt. Studies and Research Mumbai, MH 935.44
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