FBS Business School: The Spark For Transformation


India booms with its revolutionary industries and technologies and heads the wave of innovation, transforming societies. Technological advancements and breakthroughs have accelerated productivity and opened up new frontiers in the rapidly growing industry. Recognizing the ever-changing needs and preferences of consumers, talented and competent professionals emerge to answer the calls of demand for innovative solutions and bring about a paradigm shift in the industrial realm. These gifted young minds’ impressive aptitude stems from the combination of a solid educational foundation and a wealth of diverse exposures. Fulfilling this purpose, FBS Business School, a prominent business management institute, empowers its young visionaries to evolve into innovators who aspire to redefine the world through their entrepreneurial acumen.

Prioritizing integrity above all and excellence in all its commitments, FBS instills inclusiveness and respect for others in its students and dedicates to the creation, dissemination and application of management knowledge. Striving to be a world class management, the institute commits to the mission0 of being the Centre of Excellence in the world of Business education and beyond for the development of human capital. In hopes to gain an insight into the pioneering business world, we interviewed Dr. E. Murali Darshan, Principal Director of FBS Business School.

The Academic Cornerstone

Delivering tailor-made programs that sharpens the knowledge of students, FBS extends academic theories beyond classrooms to real-world experiences. With a global curriculum that is immersive, intensive and hands-on, the B-school prepares its graduates to lead in any economy, anywhere in the world. Dr. E. Murali Darshan, Principal Director of FBS Business School shared, “As the global economy continues to become more dynamic and diverse, the call for the board, values-driven leadership will continue to grow louder. Understanding this, the curriculum at FBS features domain-based experiential learning with industry-institute interaction. We emphasize on research practices in all the programs, which include Live projects, SME projects, Market Research and Business Consulting projects where students accumulate first-hand information”.

Learning is boundless in FBS’ interconnected world and with a unique pedagogy, the institution has successfully groomed many intellectual students since its establishment. Representing FBS, are an incredible set of diverse faculty with intellectual interests, international backgrounds and life experiences who are at the forefront of their disciplines. These luminaries with their international presence and cross-functional exposure can lead students anywhere in the world. Their multidisciplinary approach towards Experiential Learning, Immersion Learning, Action Learning, CXO Speakers series, National and International Internships and Pathway Programs makes them highly sought-after advisors on some of the world’s toughest business and social issues. Also, describing the institute’s flagship offering, ‘Pathway Program’, Dr. Murali shares that “In addition to majors, FBS provides ‘pathways’ to students who are interested in building expertise in emerging areas and evolving industries. Deserving students with entrepreneurial zeal in launching their own venture can avail the vast resources of FBS. For those who are interested in launching their own venture, FBS has launched a special entrepreneurship initiative, which supports student e-ship through a range of programs, activities, and events designed to give every good idea the right start it deserves. Focus on the process at FBS empowers students with the skills necessary to identify, frame and solve complex business problems that business leaders face every day. They will get in-depth knowledge of business operations working alongside faculty members, fellow students, and corporate partners through internships, workshops, and industry visits. FBS offers an ‘international study internship tour’ to all the students to countries like Japan, Singapore, USA, UK, Europe and Dubai for international exposure”.

Every element in the academic experience at FBS aims to create wise leaders who aspire to become the difference in the world of business and beyond. Through the power of experiential learning with rigor and relevance to core and elective courses, they help students find their calling by aligning outcomes with aspirations and connecting students with incredible opportunities and the resources to achieve knowledge for their future growth. Dedicated to tracing out new routes, Dr. Murali states, “With the shifting learning paradigms, FBS incessantly spreads its wings to encompass interpretative skill and knowledge to successfully navigate diverse business environments across the globe. We provide the graduates; the knowledge and inspiration to do well and do good to be the difference in the world of business education and beyond, as the global economy continues to become more dynamic and diverse. At FBS, the world is your classroom; we help students take real business challenges and formulate a detailed personal action plan with the application of classroom concepts and faculty-led insights. FBS connects talented students with the leading scholars and enables them to gain both cognitive and emotional skills, to take on present-day managerial challenges with alacrity and gumption. FBS allows students to build enduring bonds with accomplished peers in a new country through its global connections”.

Shaping The Roadmap Horizons

FBS provides courseworks, team projects and a ‘Six Month Industry Internship’ that helps and challenges its students to make connections between academic theory and real-world practice. This brings about practical exposure and experience learning actualized through its customized curriculum and emphasis on general management. The institution also serves as a venue where esteemed guest lecturers convene to enrich the audience with valuable and insightful information. “Guest lectures are also an integral part of our college curriculum. Corporate head-honchos, as well as doyens from academia, are invited to share their valuable insights on contemporary business issues and skills required to overcome them. The lectures give students the essence of the real corporate world and also provide them a platform to build networks which bring in companies for placements. Most importantly, we provide various management application programmes like team projects, with the support of sufficient tools for sharing and collaboration. The experiential learning through live projects and live internships helps the students work with more efficiency and get pre-placement offers”, shared Dr. Murali.

Furthermore, FBS students receive one-on-one coaching by distinguishable faculty as well as a mentor program with senior level managers. These mentors, who have a time-honored belief that the highest-quality learning comes from connecting amazing students with leading scholars, through their unique Mentorship Programme connect students and graduates to the senior-level managers and guide them throughout the program of study and into the future. Amrutha Srividy Kandimalla, a former student of FBS Business School, now Associate Analyst at Deloitte shared her experience at the college, “FBS prepares professionals to take leading positions as industry leaders in different organizations and sectors. We were assigned research projects with strict timelines. Working on assignments helped us learn how to work in teams, how to lead projects, how to work on quality deliverable in short timelines and most importantly how to move forward taking the whole team together. My training helped me work in different areas, handling global teams, and I am now confident to take on the challenges of business world”.

Dr. Murali emphasizes that “FBS prepares students for leadership in the global economy with a fully informed view of the world across multiple dimensions”. And in the context of our ongoing conversation, he offered his viewpoints on the the future plans of the B-school, “In the coming years, FBS wishes to become a world class management institute to develop socially sensitive leaders and entrepreneurs with futuristic orientation and commitment towards innovation and excellence by creating, communicating and delivering valuable education at an affordable cost. To achieve this vision, the institute plans to focus more on industry and academic collaborations, imparting updated technology, pedagogy and introduce additional International Internships and Consulting Programs”. In conclusion, FBS Business School, by identifying the right talent and embracing diversity successfully navigates the overall development of the students by shaping their personality as a whole.

Dr. E. Murali Darshan – Principal Director

Dr. E. Murali Darshan, a noted academic, policy advisor, and foreign trade analyst, did his Ph.D. on Impact of WTO on India’s International Trade special reference to Services Exports from Osmania University. For over a decade, he taught at the prestigious Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. He is also associated with WIU (Western International University, USA), (Memphis University, USA) and (University of Ashland, USA) as Professor.