Innovative Universities of the Year 2022

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Innovation is often about changing what we do for a possible future in response to an external impact. It is always difficult to sit in front of a blank piece of paper and try to imagine the future. There are tools available that can help teams to identify new issues or opportunities and explore the implications of these identified issues or opportunities. With external impacts, it can be challenging to avoid a knee jerk reaction as time and resources can be limited. The opportunity to reflect on the longer-term implications can sometimes be missed as you try to achieve a swift solution in the given situation. There might be disciplines or schools where innovation flourishes but whole-institution approaches to innovation are rare, with a few very notable exceptions. Universities vary widely in their levels of innovation maturity and there is a substantial knowledge and experience gap, both within and across institutions.

With India being the largest higher education systems in the world, after China and the USA. As a result, there are thousands of colleges and universities in India coming up to fulfill the need for innovative education for all. However, the uncertain times during the ongoing pandemic has had its impact on all sectors of the society, education being the one which has taken a major hit has put aspirants who want to pursue their higher education in a renowned university in a constant state of major confusion and dilemma. While academic experts are pushing for online models of education – be it classroom teaching or tutorials, we are yet to see how effectively a nation that primarily relies on an offline mode of teaching can seamlessly transgress to an online medium of teaching and education. Higher Education Institutions have responded emphatically and figured out how to guarantee the congruence of instructing learning, exploration and administration to the general public with certain devices and methods during the pandemic. 

With students wanting to pursue their higher education in various fields of engineering, medicine, etc , selecting the right universities can be a very challenging task especially in the present situations. There are chances that the 2022 placement season may witness a dip as the World Economy is going through a massive decline. With more and more companies requesting an ‘outplacement’, wherein support service is provided by some organizations to help former employees transition to new jobs or are deferring their joining dates, it will not be aggressive to assume that globally, we are heading towards a major recession in 2022. Hence It is important for students to study through the pros and cons of universities, before taking a blind leap of faith into unknown territory. Various factors like specializations, curriculum, and affiliations of the University, campus rating, placement and internship opportunities, research opportunities need to be evaluated before picking a University for their further studies. 

To ease this process of selection and to ease the pressure felt by students regarding higher education, we at the academic insights have recognized the university of the year for the young minds and are proud to bring forth this years edition of “Innovative University of the Year 2022” which is an annual recognition program for private universities which have stood out amongst the rest in the previous year in imbibing students with quality education and ethical values. The editorial team at The Academic Insights has conducted rigorous research on various factors to choose the university of the year with many universities participating every year.


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