Glocal University


As we all know, education is nothing but a systematic medium through which students are instructed, and imparted knowledge in a school, college or any other institutional organization. This is the theoretical definition of what the term education literally implies. However, in practice, education embraces a holistic and wholesome training and development of an individual, where it blankets the whole perspective towards all-rounded growth. Thereby, operating as a premier brand in higher education that acknowledges the diverse aspects of life, motivating, empowering individuals to think freely and uniquely, Glocal University not only does handover quality degrees, but teaches students to stand on their own feet, ready to take their respective spots in the world outside. 

Strongly believe in harnessing the power of knowledge by combining learning with extensive application-based study and professional ethics, at Glocal University – radical approach towards education is adapted, by utilizing international teaching techniques. Also encouraging practical applications of knowledge on a large scale, all the students of Glocal not only develop the skills needed in today’s time, but also develop one’s inner all-rounded self. 

Founded in the year 2011, Glocal University is a haven of commitment towards educational excellence. Steadily progressing towards re-innovating the teaching-learning processes, a sense of belonging exists across the campus of the University, welcoming students from all walks of life with open hands. 11 schools grow and bloom under the Glocal University umbrella, where the University currently offers 55+ UG/PG professional courses, which are globally recognized and equipped. The University is recognized by UGC under Section 22 of UGC Act 1956 and established by the Glocal University Act, 2011.

A Hotspot of Diversity

Celebrating the liminal space where the ‘global’ meets the ‘local’, we are traditional, yet we are not. We are modern, yet we are not really so. We understand the hybrid nature of the global workplace and that is why no binaries constrain us”, shared – Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Bharti the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Vice Chancellor of the Glocal University. Adding to his above point and talking about what is the main mission statement of the University, he continued – “At the Glocal University, we are committed to producing top-notch professionals who have a zeal for perpetual learning and are capable of performing well in diverse professional and cultural settings”.

Guided and mentored by some of the best industry-experts leading the parade at Glocal as the onboard faculty members, students develop a nuanced understanding of concepts and acquire necessary skills, which build them one brick at a time towards becoming role models themselves. Acting as mentors/Gurus to the students, the faculty members relive their student days literally, by motivating and guiding students on all fronts, be it personal or professional. Also striding with a clear vision of producing world class graduates who are creative, confident, socially responsible and globally employable, the faculty members too are motivated to update themselves regularly via various Faculty Development Programs, webinars, workshops and so on. 

Internationalization is the core activity of the University and it welcomes international students from all parts of the world. Glocal also aims to establish twinning programs, joint degrees, joint research, staff and student exchange with reputed foreign Universities, in turn, providing global exposure to all the students by sending them for internships and study abroad programs through our international partners’ network. The University houses several incubation centers across the schools, giving entrepreneurs a platform to experiment new ideas and succeed. 

Having learnt immensely from the pandemic phase, Glocal University is now ready like never before, equipped with all the world-class ICT-enabled facilities with an added inbuilt academic system. Coming out as a complete learner-centric institute, Glocal University is dedicated 24 *7  towards the success of their students and is committed to excellent teaching, innovative research and responsible community service, be it via the online medium or offline. 

The library on the Glocal Campus acts as the central hub of the university, well-equipped to support and facilitate teaching, learning and research programmes of the Institute. Well stocked with the latest books, CD/DVDs and research publications, the library at Glocal is open to all students, faculty members and employees.The print collection includes books, monographs, research reports, law reports, and back volumes of periodicals etc. In addition to professional reading the library provides a good amount of leisure reading and books for soft skills development. All subjects related to the University’s academic and research programmes have been included in the collection. The library is also developing a core collection of media resources consisting of documentaries, training films, fiction, music, etc.

Enriching Academic Environment

Home to a completely flexible curriculum, which is curated to bring out more than just regular potentials out of the students, Glocal invites industry experts to partake in the curation process. Also, the curriculum of Glocal has been designed in such a way that students get to engage in teamwork and better their interpersonal relationships, and thereby build a kind of camaraderie—cutting across their study subjects, ethnic, regional and economic backgrounds. 

All thanks to the impressive industry-academia bonds existing at Glocal, students learn beyond their textbooks by attending various guest lectures, internships, research projects, seminars, and conferences, as well as cultural activities. Moreover, by motivating students to be achievers even outside the classroom, perspectives with broad-ended vision are slowly developed in students. As living proof, different clubs are found by the students such as sports club, cultural club, dance club, yoga club and so on, making use of the available resources and time, maintaining an optimum balance in academics and leisure time. 

Lastly, all the schools under the university’s umbrella extend placement and career guidance services to all its graduating students, achieving 100% placement since inception for all their UG and PG programs. In addition, Glocal University has formed academic alliances and collaborations with over 20 top-class universities from across the world. The collaborations include student, faculty, and research scholar exchange programmes, internships for UG/PG courses, participation in research and development, short-term courses for faculty and students, short-term occupational training, publication and information exchange, and seminars and conferences. Furthermore, appreciating the government for its vision of the New Education Policy 2020, which will change higher education and equip our young people with the necessary information, skills, values, and competences, establishing a solid basis for our economic growth and helping India, the university has constituted a task force to revise and reframe the existing syllabi and curriculum in tune with NEP 2020. 

Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Bharti – Hon’ble Vice Chancellor 

A firm believer of the power of education, Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Bharti carries forward his elaborate experience leading from the front and to live by setting up a personal example. In his illustrious career he has been awarded with several laurels and national awards including gallantry awards from the President of India. 

Prof. (Dr.) Satish Kumar Sharma – Pro-Vice Chancellor

Prof. Sharma has served as the associated faculty at DIPSAR, Delhi University, and has served as the Chairperson, Academic Council, Sunder Deep Group of Institutions (the largest technical campus in NCR). Currently he is the Chairman, CEGR Pharmacy Council, and with 30+ years of fabulous experience in academics and research, Dr. Sharma is the National President of Pharmaceutical Educational Society.