USA’s Top 10 Colleges & Universities for Indian Students 2022

Cover Image of Engineering Survey 2022The dawn of the pandemic on our lives resulted in completely altering the functioning of many sectors and industries. However, the industry which was affected perhaps the most was the Education industry. From the cancellation of regular classes to shifting the whole teaching-setup online, it has been an endearing process for the education fraternity and the students. Also, this time of crisis-affected the international education setup, inflicting damage to admissions, the administration, and, most importantly students from international locations.

Fortunately, for some institutions who were already working on new approaches for online or blended learning well before the pandemic hit us, it was a smooth transition phase and a thorough chance to walk the uneven track towards imparting quality education. Furthermore, this circumstance helped personalize education and reinvent it, and thus gave way to increased use of application-based learning.

Universities and colleges across the world learnt to be a 100% tech-friendly environment for people, irrespective of the borders they come from. We give chance for such institutions to help showcase their prowess to the world and talk about their contribution towards the education fellowship. In this particular edition, the complete focus is on the colleges and universities of The United States of America. We have covered institutions from the lengths and breadths of The U.S, and mentioned in detail their way of being one of the best. From Tech to Business, every course offered at these places of learning has been rated the best in their respective niches.

Next, we prepare a curated list of colleges and universities, and feature them in a title called – “USA’s Top 10 Colleges & Universities for Indian Students 2022”. This edition is a combined work of a panel of experts working together with an aim of being the voice of the Indian Student, who has dreams of pursuing his educational and professional career abroad, preferably The U.S. Aspects like Technological Brilliance, Infrastructural Marvel are considered to be ranked one among the best.

We strongly believe that going through the institutes that we have featured here, Indian Students back home might find their new calling, working in the direction of achieving a productive and a blissful future in The U.S. Whether they envision starting their own entrepreneurial journey or get a foot into the professional life, the institutes that have been listed here promise to provide everything a budding education aspirant of the 21st century needs.

Sl no Institute/University City, State
1 Belhaven University Jackson, Mississippi
2 Carnegie Mellon University, H. John Heinz College Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3 Darthmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire
4 Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
5 Keck Graduate Institute Claremont, California
6 Lawrence Technological University Southfield, Michigan
7 Lewis University Romeoville, Illinois
8 Lincoln University Oakland, California
9 Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey
10 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio
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