Lewis University


Indian students developed an inclination in education overseas to keep them abreast with the international education standards and hone their skills to be universally employable. Owing to this the Indian Study Abroad market grew in leaps and bounds. With India’s outbound student mobility rocketing past an unimaginable mark, India has reinforced its emergence as one of the top source countries for international students. Also, with the USA being the most preferred destination for Indian Students due to its ethnically diverse atmosphere and a Reputable Higher Education System, a lot of universities and institutions have become havens, which are welcoming Indian students with open hands. Emphasizing on one such university which is committed to student success and strives to ensure quality educational experiences, Lewis University is a recognized college that promotes all-rounded excellence.

Having started off as just an Aviation School 90 years ago, Lewis University has since grown to a full university, but their roots are still within the Aviation industry. The University currently offers 6 different bachelor degrees in Aviation, and 1 Graduate degree. Also, helping all its students find a college where they can grow, learn and ultimately succeed for the rest of their lives, Lewis University hosts over 100 different bachelor, master, and PhD programs of study. Students can find high demand degrees in Business Analytics, Data Science, Computer Engineering, Aerospace Technology, Supply Chain Management, Cyber Security, as well as many other popular degree programs. There are various reasons which make Lewis University unique when compared to its competitors, but the most important one is the importance laid on employable outcomes, where all their degrees are a direct reflection of the global job market. 

A hub of Infrastructural Brilliance

The best way to experience all that college life at Lewis has to offer is by enjoying the independence of living in our university residence halls”, shares the management. Proud of their state-of-the art facilities and amenities made available to one n all on the campus, Lewis University is a hotspot of fun and endless opportunities to pursue both academic and co-curricular interests. Moreover, with a diverse student body and a wide variety of activities on campus, it’s easy to find a place to fit in and make memories that will last a lifetime.

The main campus in Romeoville (about 30 minutes outside of Chicago) is a beautiful campus with 11 residence halls, all within walking distance of well-equipped classrooms, the library, and the JFK Recreation and Fitness Center,  The campus has 4 different cafeterias, cafes, and convenience store.  The University even has their own private airport, located on campus!  

The IT-infrastructure at Lewis is elaborate and state-of-the-art, which in actuality helped every student during the pandemic and lockdown phase – thoroughly, to continue on their educational arc, irrespective of the medium of teaching used. Perhaps, Lewis University went a step further and introduced an online learning system called – Collaborative online international learning (COIL), which is an online learning medium in an international setting. This platform is known for its interactive involvement of students and faculty from different international and intercultural backgrounds in and outside the classroom, and Lewis University is a humble part of the COIL program within the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU). Also, Lewis University has already completed different facets of COIL with Lasallian institutions in Mexico, France, Colombia, and the Philippines, and the University is looking to increase the involvement.

Indian Connections in Detail

The university has nearly 1,500 international students, from 62 different countries around the world.  “Within India, we have dedicated “In-Country Representation” based in Bengaluru and Chennai, who can provide real-time service and assistance to applicants”, shares – the Management of the University. Adding to the above statement, and elaborating on the quality endeavors Lewis University takes towards attracting Indian students, the management shares – “We regularly visit schools and attend fairs in Hyderabad, Indore, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam so students can learn about Lewis directly from our staff”. 

Through this interview with the top management, it also became evident that the University provides all its applicants with visa guidance to assist them through the visa process.  And, provides “pre departure orientations” 5 times through the year for admitted students who obtain their visa.  During the pre-departure orientation, the University also provides students with all the information and support that they need to start their life in the USA.  

Beyond Industry-Academia

Being located near Chicago gives students access to employers from Fortune 500 companies, to international companies with their headquarters in Chicago, and to hundreds of employers who are seeking international students. The onboard Career Service Center will help students find jobs, prepare for interviews, and get hired.  Lewis University boasts of having over 300 company partnerships with companies who are seeking to hire their graduates.  

Additionally, Lewis University offers job fairs each semester, where employers visit the campus, to interview students and offer employment. The CPT employment rate of Graduate STEM students is 91 percent in 2022, and that of Graduate business related programs is 84 percent in 2022. The OPT employment rate of all graduate students, on average, is around 93 percent. 

Also, providing beyond the regular placement opportunities, Lewis University has a dedicated Entrepreneurship Setup called – The Lowell Stahl Center for Entrepreneurship & Real Estate (Center), which was established in October 2006, with a gift from Lowell Stahl. The Center, since its inception has been to serve as a catalyst to encourage and support students interested in entrepreneurial and real estate activities. In addition, it has served as an opportunity for alumni and community stakeholders to engage through networking and mentoring with the students and faculty. The Center continues to establish itself in the broader community where a blend of academic programming, faculty expertise and leaders of industry are able to come together to pursue and support the growth of entrepreneurial initiatives.

Scholarships Provided

  • Undergraduate students are eligible for academic merit scholarships that are awarded during the admission process. The scholarship amount is based on the Grade 12 exam scores, with students scoring above 60 percent receiving scholarships up to 45 percent of tuition costs.