True Pharma Stalwarts


The quality of services imparted in our country has always been way better than that of other countries, due to the importance academics received in Indian households. Parents and guardians have always tried their best in giving their wards the best of services and knowledge, by making them join the best of schools and colleges. With the world changing rapidly and with people achieving laurels and doing wonders in every field, there is more than ever demand to outperform. Moreover, since this pandemic has taken over the world, this pressure and demand have multiplied exponentially resulting in professionals having to be prepared and skilled enough to face the upcoming challenges in the post-COVID era. 

Seeing even the most developed countries struggle, and, considering the current crisis around us, the need of the hour from the so-called ‘Pharmacy of the World’ – India, are skilled pharmacists. Pharmacists who are upskilled and re-skilled pertaining to the current requirements. Pharmacists of today being part of a larger picture can bridge the gap between the developed and developing worlds, and thereby, facilitating a 2-way flow of required information, products, and expertise. 

As of today, the definition of pharmacy has changed, compared to what it was 2 decades ago. There is a clear mismatch between the skill and the job requirements. With the COVID crisis knocking on our doorsteps, it has become necessary that the pharmacists need to be up-skilled to the max of their capabilities, and in turn, convert themselves from students into trained and employable individuals. A pharmacist of today has double the responsibilities pertaining to the existing situations, and the regular brushing up of skills and training has become important. According to NASA – “In the post-COVID period it will be difficult for a pharmacist to withstand unless he enhanced his/her skills to manage the existing situation”. 

And lastly, with changes occurring in the pattern of developing drugs and the entire pharma industry, the pharmacists must try themselves to enhance their skills and efficiency to stay relevant and for better practice. In the same way, changes are required in the way pharmacy services are conducted, research is carried out, guidelines for the industry are framed out and also in the process of the drug distribution system. Considering all these factors, an improved policy for the pharmacy profession and practice is needed for the entire country to manage the post-COVID period.

Therefore, pharma colleges and institutes are playing a significant role in training, honing and preparing trained pharmacists towards a better tomorrow, inculcating the required skills and capabilities required. Adding to this, pharma colleges also possess the full power to work for a better and inclusive society, where pharmacists act as the gateway to a better health system, better drug control and better distribution, all working together for a better and a safer tomorrow. 

We hope that this issue helps budding pharmacists pick the right pharma colleges/institutions in your goal towards becoming successful professionals, helping the world, one step at a time. Furthermore, we wish nothing but success to all the parents, faculty members, and budding pharmacy professionals in every decision of your lives. 

Stay safe, Stay happy 😀