Dr. Mar Theophilus Institute of Management Studies


In a nation teeming with ambitious minds and boundless entrepreneurial spirit, the demand for top-notch business schools is ever more crucial. A country like ours, with its diverse economy and vibrant marketplace, requires educational institutions that can cultivate visionary leaders, instill cutting-edge knowledge, and nurture the next generation of business pioneers. Amidst this landscape, Dr. Mar Theophilus Institute of Management Studies (DMTIMS) emerges as a beacon of excellence, standing tall as a shining example of what a premier business school should be.

DMTIMS in a Nutshell

A vital part of the St. Mary’s Group of Institutes in Navi Mumbai, DMTIMS is located in a peaceful and vibrant urban community in super scenic surroundings, in close proximity to malls, shopping centers and hill stations. Operating under the Vishweshwar Education Society Trust (VES), DMTIMS is the perfect destination for a dynamic two-year higher management education experience. Also, DMTIMS is guided by an outstanding Board of Studies and benefits from a strong lineage of UG to PG educational institutes. Furthermore, bolstered by international collaborations, DMTIMS is rapidly becoming the top choice for a Business School in Navi Mumbai.

Ranked 2nd in March 2023, in ‘Top Emerging B-Schools in India’, by Times of India national rankings and also awarded ‘2023 Award for Best Management College in Maharashtra for Industry Interface’ by CEGR, DMTIMS has been marching the victory trail since its inception in 2021.

DMTIMS, through its AICTE approved PGDM program, strives to deliver comprehensive education that combines knowledge creation, dissemination, and practical application, resulting in a synergistic impact. “By instilling human values and professional ethics in our students, we empower them to make decisions and forge paths that are not only beneficial for themselves but also for society, the nation, and the world as a whole”, shared – Dr. Susen Varghese, the Director of the institute. Continuing on her above statement she shared – “DMTIMS envisions becoming an internationally renowned business school that offers high-quality and holistic education, nurturing inspiring leaders who can transform the business world. The institute’s mission is to foster a competitive learning environment that enables all stakeholders to realize their full potential”.

Tomorrow Focused Management Education

As it is expected that management education of today needs to align with latest trends and practices followed in the industry, as a result at DMTIMS, the PGDM program ensures the integration of these elements to provide a valuable learning experience. The program offers dual specializations in subjects like International Marketing, Human Capital Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Global Finance & Fintech, and International Business Management, which enhances students’ employability quotient.

Additionally, DMTIMS incorporates the Industry 5.0 syllabus, ensuring students are well-versed in the latest industry advancements. The institution follows a ‘One Time, One Student’ approach, focusing on individual student growth and development. Psychometric tests guide students in choosing appropriate specializations, while the winter internship project aims to develop socially sensitive management leaders. Adding a point on the industry partnerships existing at DMTIMS, the Director shared – “Our Industry collaborations and certification partners include companies like TeamLease, IMSPro School, MTC Global, KenBuddy, Slikun Institute of Management & Technology, StockStreet & Technolite”. Through these tie-ups the b-school ensures their students get certified additionally with Power Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Financial Modelling, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship Management, Advanced Excel, foreign languages of Business French and Business German, Investment Banking, SQL & Tableu and Neuro Linguistics Program (NLP).

DMTIMS also benefits from an Advisory Board of Research & Advisory Council consisting of industry and academia experts. The institute promotes a paperless culture through the mandatory use of laptops. Mock GDs, PIs, Extempore sessions, employability workshops, and training in personality development and pre-placement grooming prepare students for professional success.

Student involvement in strategic management decisions is encouraged through the Student Council. National and international industry visits offer practical exposure. Remedial classes are provided to help students improve further, while tutorials with in-depth corporate knowledge equip students for the industry, and structured corporate grooming sessions are held each trimester.

Also, the DMTIMS PGDM Program offers a rigorous four-month Summer Internship Project (SIP) in the IVth trimester. These projects are based on ongoing company initiatives and provide stipends to students. In addition, DMTIMS collaborates with city NGOs for the Social Relevance Project (SRP), which aims to raise awareness about social issues and engage students in ground-level concerns.

DMTIMS also organizes annual national and international industry visits and immersions. In 2023, students had the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka, which proved to be an enriching learning experience. The visit enabled students to understand the language of global business, actively engage with global issues, and transform into well-informed global citizens.

Plans Going Down the Line

DMTIMS recognizes the significant impact that topics like Robotics, 3D printing, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, and AI will have on future business operations, and there will be an increasing demand for experts in these fields. In line with the Industry 5.0 syllabus, DMTIMS is actively incorporating additional content in analytics, data, and coding to address the evolving needs of the business world.

The objective is not merely to produce graduates proficient in these skills but to equip them with the ability to engage with and oversee individuals who possess these capabilities. DMTIMS is also exploring opportunities for student and academic exchange programs with foreign universities, expanding beyond existing collaborations with Indian colleges. Lastly, DMTIMS is considering options for national and international accreditation to further enhance its standing and recognition, continuing on the pursuit of imparting quality management education to tomorrow’s managers/leaders.

Dr. Susen Varghese – Director

Dr. Susen Varghese brings over 27 years of experience as both an educator and an industry expert. Currently associated with Dr. Mar Theophilus Institute of Management Studies and Indira Institute of Business Management, she has held various roles in MBA education as a Director, Dean, and Professor. Prior to her academic career, Dr. Susen worked in IT, Finance, Consultancy, and Manufacturing sectors in senior HR positions.

Dr. Susen holds a Ph.D. from SNDT University, Mumbai, specializing in HR management. She has completed her PGDHRD & MSW after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations from the world renowned Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara. In addition, she has a keen interest in the digital world and has pursued a Course in Digital Marketing. She is also internationally certified, in HR Assessments of Thomas Profiling, PPA & HJA.

Throughout her academic journey, Dr. Susen has played a pivotal role in institutional development. This includes forming alliances with universities, institutions, and organizations, as well as undertaking consulting and training assignments for corporates. She has also developed value-added modules for students and initiated faculty and student development initiatives. With her comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience of the end-to-end value chain of a Business School, from admissions to placements, Dr. Susen contributes significantly to the growth of educational institutions.