Felix Pilot Training Institute


Pilot Training Courses have gained excess popularity in present times. Pilots are trained and experienced professionals who are given high-level professional training to fly various types of helicopters and aircraft.  Pilot Training course comprises three stages such as Student Pilot License, Private Pilot License, and Commercial Pilot License which vary from each other in terms of eligibility as well as pieces of training. While there are several Pilot Training Institutes today, across the length and breadth of our country, only a few Training hubs such as – Felix Pilot Training Institute promise to stand behind all students at every step of their individual careers. 

An organization of highly experienced professionals in the aviation industry, Felix Pilot Training Institute acts as a bridge between the students where the Institute understands and fulfills their needs in the aviation field and guides them to the relevant course, be it a flying one or a non-flying one. In the past five years, Felix Pilot Training Institute has grown to be the most well-known pilot training institute in Chennai. The CEO of Felix Pilot Training, Gokul Sudarsan, is striving to keep the standards up for pilot training.  

Felix only accepts less than ten students per batch, which helps us understand the needs of the students and tailor their training to meet those needs”, shared – Mr. Gokul Sudarsan, the CEO of the Training Institute. “For training purposes, highly qualified simulation computers are used to provide more hands-on practice, where our institute places a strong emphasis on the students’ holistic development rather than just their academic performance”, added the CEO.

Making a difference rather than just contemplating it

Felix Pilot Training Institute offers aviation-based programs with durations ranging from three months to three years, and it provides 20+ courses like flight dispatcher, pilot training, drone training, and others. Also, a hotspot of complete student-centric endeavors, at Felix, every staff member promotes teaching that incorporates technology into teaching styles, focused on the future. Letting all its students and parents have exclusive access to the student portal, allows them to get all the necessary information, a digitized copy of the study materials, and access to other resources. Additionally, licensed UK-based Padpilot software is made available to the students to aid in their preparation. 

Moreover, Ground classes at Felix might last from three months to six months, offering individualized attention. Also, the cutting-edge Simulation gives the trainees first-hand experiences that simulate flight. And, to help students understand how aircraft maintenance functions, Felix takes them to aircraft maintenance facilities, while also arranging special lectures from pilots with more than ten years of experience as well as visits to airports for more hands-on learning. The students are assigned individual and group projects connecting their courses, where every batch goes on an excursion to foster teamwork and camaraderie, and students receive a live experience by visiting ATC (air traffic control center). 

Leading the teaching parade at Felix effectively, only the most qualified professionals are taken onboard at Felix, who can assist all the students in areas like technical training, interview preparation, soft skills training and so on which in return brings the students to a holistic learning environment. Furthermore, all the technical instructors are ATPL-certified pilots, while some of them are even captains who educate the trainees whilst still working for airlines. All the technical instructors are licensed and have logged more than 400 hours of flight time. All in all, the instructors work as mentors to trainees throughout their careers since they have appropriate knowledge and real-world experience as instructors and pilots.

Felix is also known for its amenities and facilities, such as having its own library and access to several online and offline resources. The trainees and their objectives are well-connected by Felix, and each student is evaluated, and accordingly given training towards accomplishing their individual goals. Felix also provides quality recommendations for the students with their certified career counselor based on the student’s interests in taking up courses.

We are proud to mention that we have a comprehensive understanding of the aviation industry and the level of professionalism and training required to achieve success”, stated – Mr. Gokul Sudarsan, talking about how Felix Pilot Training Institute stands out when compared to its peers. Continuing the above point, he shared – “To ensure that our students become the best pilots in the world, we have partnerships with top-flight schools worldwide”. Through the conversation with the CEO, it also became evident that Felix is a facility that caters to all training standards for individuals from different backgrounds. Be it excellent technical training or soft skills or even personality development, for the past 12+ years, Felix has been sending qualified workers into the aviation sector, and they now tend to be successful. To date, Felix has trained more than 100+ pilots and assisted more than 900+ people in finding employment as ground staff and other aviation-based careers, and by the looks of the dedication put in each day, Felix strives towards being known as perhaps the best Pilot Training Institute of the country. 

Mr. Gokul Sudarsan – CEO

Having worked as a flight dispatcher as well as a competent instructor in aircraft technicals, Mr. Gokul has trained more than 1500 people around the country in the aviation industry. With 10 years of experience in this industry, he has traveled to over 10 different countries in building solid relationships with airlines and other aviation-related businesses, and currently, leads Felix as the CEO.