NSHM Knowledge Campus – An Impressive Journey of Continuous Learning


In this world of specialization and globalization the pharmacy education in India is suffering from serious backdrops and flaws. There is an urgent need to initiate an academic exercise aimed at attaining revamping of curriculum, keeping in pace with current and emerging trends in the field of pharmacy. Fortunately, since the pandemic has hit us, we as a nation have started laying equal emphasis on strengthening the components of Community Pharmacy, Hospital and Clinical pharmacy, while designing curriculum at diploma and degree levels of teaching. Furthermore, with the curriculum followed by almost all pharma institutes and colleges slowly moving towards becoming globally compliant, in turn, imparting equal amounts of practical and theoretical exposure, educational hubs have started on an endless journey of excelling as all-rounded places of educational brilliance. Thereby, talking about one such prime institute which has made its name for being a place of global standards, which envisions towards enhancing the quality of life of all the students on its campus, at the same time advancing their knowledge and skills – NSHM Knowledge Campus has proven itself to be listed among one of Eastern India’s leading educational institutes and a pioneer of professional degree courses aligned to industry needs.

Founded in 1996, NSHM has since then been offering quality education & training in areas ranging from Business & Management, Engineering & Technology to Health Sciences in the state of West Bengal. A brand ambassador of experiential learning, every corner of the institute is designed in such a way that ideas flow freely in an open and a friendly atmosphere, in which students learn, share, shine and have fun.
Hosting NBA accredited Pharmacy Programs, NSHM Knowledge Campus has achieved a NAAC B++ grade and has been recognized in the All India NIRF Rankings with 61st position in the Pharmacy Category. With the help of its cutting edge knowledge imparting techniques, lifestyle education and cross-domain exposure, modern academic tools are effortlessly utilized, making students get acquainted with the new norms and methodologies, preparing them for their respective future journeys they are about to embark on. Moreover, with the Indian Economy having grown in recent years, there has been a rapid expansion in the productivity and research in Indian pharmaceutical industry, thus, justifying the need for quality pharmaceutical education, NSHM being one of the most prominent B. Pharm. colleges in Kolkata, performs the crucial task of transforming scientific knowledge to technical skills through excellent laboratory facilities and industrial training.

Unparalleled learning experiences
Providing an ideal ambiance for students to grow into professionals, who have a clear edge over their peers from neighboring colleges/institutes, at NSHM efficient instructional delivery systems are utilized by the onboard faculty members to give the best, for the best. Curating all the courses towards letting students have remarkable careers based on their sheer excellence as Pharma Experts, the fine blend of theoretical learning, hands-on experience, and industrial exposure has resulted in NSHM earning a nationwide reputation for its innovative approach to learning. Boasting of state-of-the-art infrastructure, with the latest amenities and facilities, a professional and social atmosphere exists on the campus, fulfilling all the needs and demands of the students.

Understanding the fact that a career in the field of Pharmacy can be real rewarding, NSHM now hosts B. Pharm, M. Pharm in Pharmaceutics, M. Pharm in Pharmacology & B. Voc in Medical Imaging Technology. Additionally, by offering scholarships and immense opportunities to outperform inside and outside the classrooms, many of the students are now continuing on their love for pharma education and have become a part of reputed government institutions, and are pursuing their PhDs in institutes abroad.

Having the campus located in the upscale neighborhood of New Alipore, the location is well connected via metro railway, bus, and auto routes. The campus feeds off the vibrant and soulful vibe of the City of Joy and offers an exciting campus life to students. With well-stocked libraries, state-of-the-art laboratories, and technology-enabled learning support in classrooms, students’ holistic growth is certainly ensured at the campus. “Also, the campus is replete with facilities that allow students to have memorable learning experiences”, stated – Dr. Suchandra Sen, the Associate Professor during an interview with us, where she gave us a real-world experience of the whole working environment present at the NSHM Campus. Adding to her above statement and talking about the reputed academicians leading the parade of the faculty at NSHM, Dr. Sen stated – “We have a group of young, energetic and vibrant academics who can maintain close liaison with our students”. Through the conversation, we also learned that the faculty members act as detailed guides to the students, and, actively involved with the students in research-related activities. Furthermore, the faculty are encouraged to participate in various short-term courses (QIP) and are sent for training in reputed pharmaceutical industries (MacLeod’s Pharma) to supplement their knowledge base.

Also, pertaining to the current times of uncertainty and turmoil, all thanks to the full-fledged IT department present on campus, the whole pandemic scenario was taken in stride and the transition from face-to-face to online was seemingly smooth. Even though initially classes were conducted through zoom, now the whole teaching/learning is replaced by MS Team. In addition, training programs were arranged to educate the teachers in the use of this software. And, in absence of regular off-line classes an “Activity tracker system” has been introduced which monitors the academic and related activities of teachers during this pandemic period.

All in all, having proven itself as a haven for modern knowledge, skills, attitude in all the areas related to pharma, NSHM Knowledge Campus is fulfilling its duty of giving back to society skilled professionals needed by today’s world. Lastly, taking up the task of turning students into successful beings who have strong multidisciplinary knowledge and technical competence, all of the faculty members and the management give in their best towards imparting the best of knowledge and competence, necessary for success as a capable pharma expert.

Dr. Suchandra Sen – Associate Professor
Presently linked to the NSHM Campus-Kolkata Group of Institutions as Associate Professor in the Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology, Dr. Sen has completed her B. Pharm, M. Pharm and PhD from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. She has been in the field of teaching and research for more than 25 years and Her field of specializations in Pharma Microbiology, Pharmacology and Pharmacy Practice is noteworthy.