Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School


Looking to provide your child with enriching experiences beyond the classroom? Consider the transformative power of summer camp. As a parent, you may have reservations about whether camp is the right fit for your child, especially if they’ve never been away from home for an extended period or possess unique interests that might make them feel out of place. However, regardless of your child’s individuality, the benefits of summer camp are manifold.

At its core, summer camp isn’t just about fun and games—it’s a holistic learning environment where children develop crucial social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Through engaging activities, collaborative projects, and meaningful interactions with peers and mentors, children discover new passions, gain independence, and cultivate lifelong friendships. Moreover, the memories created at camp become cherished milestones in a child’s journey of self-discovery and growth.

In India, Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School stands out as a beacon of excellence in nurturing young minds. Renowned for its commitment to educational innovation and holistic development, Maple Bear has earned acclaim as one of India’s 10 Best Summer Camps in 2024. 

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School in a Nutshell

The inception of Maple Bear Canadian schools stemmed from the initiatives of the Canadian Education Centre Network (CECN), a non-profit organization backed by the Government of Canada and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.  Maple Bear emerged when CECN managers abroad recognized a growing demand for high-quality, bilingual Canadian education among middle-class parents, many of whom had pursued studies overseas, including in Canada. 

By 2007, Maple Bear transitioned into a privately owned entity, boasting a network of a dozen schools across Korea, Brazil, and India. The company’s rapid expansion ensued as word spread about the efficacy of Canadian immersion and bilingual education, particularly among parents witnessing the positive language, learning, and behavioral outcomes in their children. 

Importantly, Maple Bear is dedicated to ensuring top-tier educational standards for students worldwide. With a presence spanning over 40 countries, Maple Bear operates more than 600 early childhood, elementary, middle, and high schools.

Exploring Maple Bear’s Summer Camp Program

To gain deeper insights into Maple Bear’s Summer Camp Program, we had the opportunity to interview Shalini Jaiswal, the Director & COO of the preschool. Here’s a glimpse into our interview session.

 What programs does Maple Bear offer during summer camps, and how unique are the programs?

Our summer camps offer a variety of engaging activities for children aged two to ten. These activities are designed to be both fun and educational, allowing children to make new friends and explore topics beyond their textbooks. Each year, we introduce a new theme for the camp, such as our upcoming “Aqua Bear” theme, which focuses on ocean exploration and conservation.

Also, we organize field trips related to the camp theme, such as visits to aquariums or beaches. These trips enhance children’s learning experiences and provide them with hands-on opportunities to explore the topics they’ve been studying.

  How does Maple Bear ensure the safety and well-being of the children during summer camps?

Safety is our top priority. We maintain low student-to-teacher ratios, provide clear guidelines for behavior, and have safety measures in place, such as emergency exits and first aid kits. Our teachers are trained to create a supportive and nurturing environment for the children.

  How does Maple Bear incorporate Canadian early childhood education practices into its curriculum?

Maple Bear’s curriculum is based on the best early childhood education practices from around the world, including Canada. We localize the curriculum to meet the specific needs and cultural context of each country where we operate, ensuring that children receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the future.

  Is there anything else you’d like to add about Maple Bear or its summer camp programs?

Maple Bear is committed to providing high-quality education and enriching experiences for children. Our summer camp programs are designed to be engaging, educational, and fun, offering children the opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment. We look forward to welcoming children to our camps and helping them create lasting memories.

  How can parents inquire about admission to Maple Bear’s summer camp programs?

Parents can visit our website to submit an inquiry form or reach out to us via WhatsApp. Additionally, they can email us at for more information about our summer camps.

All in all, through the conversation with the Director it became evident that the Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School has evolved as a global educational phenomenon born out of a commitment to excellence and a vision for holistic student development. Embracing a comprehensive approach, Maple Bear educates the whole child—physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. From its humble beginnings in 2005 to its current global presence, Maple Bear and its esteemed family are right on the track of nurturing young minds and inspiring a future generation of lifelong learners.