REVA University (School of Management Studies) – A Knowledge-Driven Community of Excellence


In this new age of drastic changes and dynamic growth, business schools across our country have started on the pursuit of improving people’s lives, in turn, increasing their chances of success as capable business leaders. Be it in the workplace, education or giving wings to their own dream endeavors, the time and expertise dedicated to the students initiate lifelong experiences of learning and growth, pushing them to outperform on all fronts. As the need for education programs that put students at the forefront of socioeconomic development is at an all-time high, b-schools today have started programs which convert them into global hubs of inclusivity, coupled with the right amount of emphasis laid on research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Moreover, with almost every b-school operating on the very same lines, one particular educational haven which clearly stands out, progressing each day towards becoming a global and vibrant community of business management learning – REVA University (School of Management Studies) is working relentlessly to become an impactful entity, which will have profound influence in the business scenario of India and the world.

An ambitious endeavor of DivyaSree developers and run under the Rukmini Educational Charitable Trust (RECT), REVA University is a role model in terms of maintaining quality standards and a prime example of how to run a successful educational institution keeping everyone together. Since its inception, REVA has achieved great laurels in terms of imparting quality education to the masses, and business management being one of the most sought-after academic programs, The School of Management Studies plans towards far more impressive and intricate experiences for their onboard students in the near future. Also, a true hub of industry integrated programs, meaning there is hardly any industry-academia gap, the exceptional ratings received every year are a living proof of consistent hard work put in by the management and the faculty of the university and the b-school.

Aiming towards giving rise to practical/skill-oriented individuals, who display their critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities to their fullest of potentials, The School of Management Studies guides students to stay well in-sync with the rapidly changing corporate landscape. Furthermore, having always believed in the digital aspects of staying well-prepared for times of crises, the preparations and efforts in terms of ICT-enabled infrastructure were carried out smoothly, facilitating effortless transition and disturbance-free learning even during these tough times. Additionally, the management of the b-school actively involving itself in constant encounters with themselves, moving towards outperforming and outdoing, and creating opportunities for all their stakeholders, REVA has indeed become a multicultural hub of learning and fun, where students learn more than what is taught, just interacting with people from varied backgrounds, cultures and regions.

Changing the world, one step at a time
An epitome of blended learning, the b-school promotes multi-disciplinary learning on a large scale, thus making it mandatory for students to take part in case studies discussions, industry expert talks and deliberation visits to the industries. By utilizing methodologies such as group discussions, seminars, presentations, inquiry-based learning, a progressive ambience exists across the b-school, where faculty serve as mentors, mentoring students in a structured manner, be it online or offline. Functioning more as facilitators to students and less of teachers, strong mentor-mentee bonds arise at the School of Management Studies, growing together towards a common goal of lifelong learning.
Students do not attend only lecture hours but are also assigned virtual demo sessions, practical class sessions, projects and timely assignments. Also, thanks to being that hub where all its stakeholders hold equal importance in the operations, both student and parent feedback is taken occasionally, which are coupled with several academic governance sessions, mentoring sessions, webinars and so on. The b-school has collaborated with Coursera for Campus, which can be availed by all free of cost, which is a welcome move towards relentless skill development for senior classes without any disturbance in their placement schedules. The onboard Career Development Centre, which consists of the best faculty lead along with industry experts, ensures that they arrange virtual meetings and placements with the industry, irrespective of the crises the world is facing. “Online exams are taking place in a timely phase and since REVA follows a paperless exam mode, it was easier for students to adapt themselves to the online assessment plans”, stated – Dr. P. Shyama Raju, the Chancellor of REVA University, during a brief conversation we had with him. Talking about literally every aspect of running a successful b-school, Dr. P. Shyama Raju took us on a virtual tour of the b-school and the university, covering almost every point which needed to be addressed, considering the needs and demands of the gen-z management aspirants, and the times of uncertainty revolving around us. Adding to his above statement, the chancellor stated – “To train the students with necessary skills as required by the corporate world, REVA University has launched REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) with tailor-made corporate training programmes to train students, entrepreneurs and corporate employees”.

Be it the BBA Honors in Healthcare Management to MBA and Ph.D. in management studies, every program hosted at the school of management studies is curated by the best, focused towards the best. By meticulously involving expert trainers who constantly study the market trends to create specific training methodologies, relevant industry and leadership skills are imbibed in the students via UIIC (University Industry Interaction Centre) and REVA NEST of REVA University, which conduct various innovative and entrepreneurship activities. Also, to enhance the employability skills sets of the career aspirants, systematic training and internship programmes are organized by the Training and Placement Cell of REVA. The 3600 training programmes are designed to meet the global industry standards and help the student to gain insights for a successful career. With programmes of this stature REVA strongly believes that students are afforded a very practical-real world learning.

As we all are well-aware about the brand value REVA holds in the educational fellowship of Karnataka and India, one more important aspect which the university/b-school is proud about is its state of the art infrastructure comparable to the world’s best campuses. Making all the common amenities ranging from the Central Library to common labs, media centre, Business lecture halls, food courts, auditoria, grounds, gym, hostels available for all, the School of Commerce and Management has a separate block for itself which caters to all school specific needs.

From dance to drama, music to performances, arts to crafts, sports to yoga, importance is given to all these co-curricular activities at the b-school, where students showcase their talent in inter-college sports tournaments or volunteer for fest related activities. In addition, REVA absorbs students in activities and interactions that will warrant interface with the industry. Students at REVA, also get comprehensive soft skills training as part of their preplacement preparation, a crucial feature that needs development for their Industry Readiness. Pushing its students to engage in multiple co-curricular activities on campus to build student communities, different clubs and societies are the perfect way to get involved, grow your network, and have fun while you are studying. With many clubs such as Literary Club, Sports Club, Science Club, Eco Club, Dance and Drama Club, Quiz Club, students are spoilt for choice.

All in all, following on the philanthropic goals of RECT and Mrs. Rukminini, REVA University organizes Social Outreach Programs at regular intervals, that are aimed to motivate the budding engineers to innovate and develop products that can prove beneficial to the society. From trips to old age homes to planting trees, these social outreach programs strive to resolve pressing social problems of the society and provide students with a platform to go beyond books and get a more experiential exposure. RELA (REVA Electoral Literacy Association) is an attempt at creating awareness among citizens of Bengaluru, proving to be highly successful in reaching people and aiding Govt. machineries in understanding the voting mindset of people. Lastly, if we would want to sum up the whole learning and growth experience the students get at REVA, it would be nothing less than an unforgettable journey for all the students, where every student got an excellent chance/opportunity to go out into the real-world and find a spot for himself/herself and still continue to grow beyond the normal.

Dr. P. Shyama Raju – Chancellor
The Chancellor of REVA University, he heads Rukmini Educational Charitable Trust and CMD of DivyaSree Developers Pvt. Ltd. as the Chairperson. He also holds prominent positions and memberships in reputed institutions across India and is on board of many companies in the field of infrastructure development, charitable institutions and welfare trusts. As a philanthropic gesture of giving back to society what you earn from society, Dr Shyama Raju founded the REVA Group of Educational Institutions under Rukmini Educational Charitable Trust. A consistent facilitator of knowledge and education, his sole purpose in life is to ensure that REVA University empowers learners with enough knowledge that will enable them to create opportunities and build a better society. The very motto of REVA University, ‘Knowledge is Power’, is worn like a badge of honour by all at REVA. A visionary to the core, Shyama Raju is a builder of careers and one who peddles dreams for those who are inclined and ambitious.