Asian Business School


Navigating the Future of Business Leadership

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to witness the grand spectacle of business management education, where innovation takes center stage and excellence is not just a goal but a guarantee. In this bustling carnival of professional development, the Asian Business School (ABS) emerges as the undisputed ringmaster, captivating the audience with a performance that goes beyond the ordinary.

You may ask as to why is ABS crowned as the Business School of the Year, particularly in the realm of being an innovation oasis? Picture this: in a world where business acumen is a tightrope walk and entrepreneurship is a daring leap, ABS stands as a shining beacon of inventive brilliance. It’s not merely a b-school; it’s an incubator where ideas are hatched, and creativity is cultivated like a prized garden.

But why the accolade of Business School of the Year specifically in the realm of innovation? ABS doesn’t just preach the gospel of creative thinking; it lives and breathes it. From pioneering teaching methodologies to an avant-garde curriculum, ABS has redefined the very essence of what it means to innovate in the business education landscape.

The secret sauce lies in the commitment of ABS to turning challenges into opportunities, mirroring the dynamic nature of the business world itself. Internationally recognized programs, collaborations with industry leaders, and a dedication to practical experience makes ABS not just a school but a crucible of innovation.

Business School of the Year

Functioning as a hub of academic ingenuity, ABS takes pride in its affiliation with AIU (Association of Indian Universities) and the rare distinction of offering an AICTE-approved PGDM course. Employing a highly interactive model at an international standard, ABS provides students with a practical learning environment, offering invaluable insights into the competitive corporate landscape. The programs are purposeful and geared towards professional orientation. The distinctive advantage of choosing ABS lies in obtaining an internationally recognized qualification, delivered by accomplished academic minds using a holistic deductive learning methodology. Industry support is substantial, evident in the form of extensive internship opportunities and job placements.

Boasting of a strong industry-academia interface at ABS, the classroom teaching is integrated with practical training, in turn, focusing on enhancing the capabilities of the students to lead and manage businesses by learning to adopt a systematic approach. While also teaching them to identify problems and finding their solutions using analytical and problem solving as well as decision making skills and understanding financial and accounting aspects of the business in a broader perspective.

ABS places a significant emphasis on entrepreneurship, striving to cultivate and enhance the entrepreneurial mindset among students. The program is designed to enable them to embrace creativity and take calculated risks in initiating enterprises. Through this certification, ABS fosters the development of knowledge and skills that inspire students to strategize innovative business startups thus guiding them through the process with research and consultancy. Moreover, ABS promotes social entrepreneurship, empowering students to play an enhanced role in both society and the economy. Students enrolled in this comprehensive course undergo a transformative experience, engaging in classroom lectures, assessments, and various activities that cover the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial theories, processes, and challenges. The outcome is a well-rounded competence that encompasses an entrepreneurial attitude, practical skills, and a deep understanding of entrepreneurship.

Igniting Entrepreneurial Sparks

ABS takes practical strides in fostering entrepreneurship through engaging, hands-on workshops. These sessions cover the spectrum of idea generation, environmental scanning, business plan preparation, documentation for accessing loans and government assistance, crafting marketing and recruitment plans, developing proof of concept, and refining the art of presenting a compelling pitch to attract funding from angel investors or venture capitalists.

Facilitated by the Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Centre (EDIC), ABS ensures a comprehensive startup process for all students interested in launching their own ventures. As part of this initiative, ABS introduced the annual “Young Asian Entrepreneurial Challenge.” This unique event is designed for students who have enrolled at ABS but are yet to commence their academic careers. ABS believes in jumpstarting student learning even before they step onto campus for the formal academic session.

The Challenge carries a coveted prize for the winner – an Apple MacBook, serving as an additional incentive to acknowledge and appreciate the student’s dedication and efforts. Furthermore, participants in EDIC’s flagship event, the “Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year,” held annually for second-year PGDM students at ABS, stand a chance to secure Rs. 5 Lacs as seed funding for a viable business proposal project. This not only underscores ABS’s commitment to entrepreneurial education but also motivates students to unleash their innovative potential.

Nurturing Success Stories

Asian Business School (ABS) fosters a culture of success stories by consistently recognizing the exceptional achievements of its students. ABS provides students with a dynamic environment that equips them for success in the quick-paced business world. This setting is founded on a dedication to experiential learning, holistic growth, and high-quality academics. The prestigious academic institution ABS is aware that true success occurs outside of the classroom. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities help the institution develop well-rounded people with communication, leadership, and teamwork abilities. It places a strong focus on the holistic development of the learner.

The institution’s assistance for aspiring entrepreneurs is indicative of ABS’s startup and entrepreneurial culture. ABS also invites business owners from the industry to share their knowledge and experience with the future entrepreneurs and managers. Numerous ABS alums have gone on to become prosperous business owners, adding to the school’s standing as a source of creative problem-solving and business savvy.

Due to ABS’s solid corporate links, students are guaranteed access to industry professionals, internships, and placement opportunities, which leads to a high placement rate in esteemed companies. Fundamentally, ABS is a place where student accomplishments are honored on all fronts, demonstrating the commitment of the school to global exposure, experiential learning, academic success, and a welcoming community. The success of ABS graduates across the globe attests to the fact that the organization not only equips students for the business world but also gives them the tools they need to make a big difference in their chosen sectors.