BNM Institute of Technology


The Indian engineering education system is poised for a significant transformation as the government is prioritizing the manufacturing and engineering sector. This includes upgrading colleges, enhancing faculty quality, and improving infrastructure. With this sector aligning with the “Make in India” mission, engineering education is set to thrive in both the short and long term. Thus, the demand is at an all time high for engineering institutes that provide exceptional education, emphasizing societal impact and producing future-ready engineers. BNM Institute of Technology stands out as a go-to institution in this endeavor, renowned for its distinctive teaching-learning approach, and importantly excellence in academic digitization.

A NAAC accredited technical institute with an “A” Grade, all the programs offered at BNMIT are NBA accredited. Founded in 2001, BNMIT has been progressing as a well-established entity led by philanthropic and visionary Founder and Managing Trustee Shri. N. Raghunath Rao Maanay and Founder Secretary Prof. Sunanda P Jadhav. The legacy has been carried forward under the capable leadership of Shr. Narayan Rao R. Maanay, the current Secretary of BNM Educational Institutions.

Engineering Excellence Redefined

Strategically situated in the IT-Hub of India – Bengaluru, BNMIT is set on a lush landscaped campus, offering up-to-date UG programs in CS, ECE, Mechanical, IS and AI & ML, along with M.Tech and MBA programs. The institute boasts cutting-edge infrastructure, including advanced laboratories, state-of-the-art equipment, well-furnished conference/seminar halls, and a spacious auditorium.

Our unique teaching approach centers around project-based learning, complemented by specialized labs such as the Engineering Exploration Lab and Experiential Learning Lab, facilitating effective project execution”, shared – Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, the Director of the institute. Adding to his above statement he continued – “Leveraging Microsoft TEAMS, our implementation of a Learning Management System guarantees exceptional online education, and our Career and Professional Development Cell nurtures global professionals, ensuring holistic growth”.

BNMIT understands the significance of curriculum delivery, employing a teaching-learning process that fosters creativity and innovation. They have supplemented the conventional chalk and board approach with interactive and participative techniques. These include a project-based learning system, where students delve into complex questions, problems, or challenges over an extended period. Skill-based learning focuses on planning, implementing, and analyzing skills acquired through knowledge-based learning, promoting logical thinking and independent thought. Simulation-based learning integrates cognitive, technical, and behavioral skills, creating an environment that feels real and encourages learning from mistakes. BNMIT also embraces technology-driven learning, leveraging e-learning platforms, digital lectures, and in-person teaching, with a focus on individualized and content-based approaches. A robust Learning Management System (LMS) is essential for implementing blended, collaborative, and flipped classroom learning. Furthermore, BNMIT aims to strengthen their MOOC platform by introducing online courses from renowned providers such as SWAYAM, Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, edX, and others.

Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom

BNM Institute of Technology – BNMIT, as an institution, has fostered a supportive environment for its students to pursue their interests and hobbies by establishing over 52 technical and hobby clubs. Students are encouraged to register for these clubs, allowing them to nurture their individual passions.

Additionally, BNMIT actively engages its students in social activities through its National Service Scheme (NSS) and National Cadet Corps (NCC) activities. These programs provide ample opportunities for students to demonstrate their concern for society and participate in various social initiatives.

Furthermore, the institution hosts a dedicated Nature Club, of which many students are members. The members of this club take their responsibilities towards environmental protection seriously and actively work towards preserving nature.

Also, BNMIT has prioritized Research and Development (R&D) endeavors, establishing a robust foundation in this field. The institution has set up eight research centers that currently engage 78 dedicated research scholars actively involved in exploring emerging areas of focus.

The institution takes pride in the recognition it has received for its research efforts, with 38 research scholars having been awarded Ph.D. degrees based on the research projects they have undertaken. And, to support and facilitate research activities, BNMIT has established four Centers of Excellence equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools. These centers provide researchers with the necessary resources to conduct their investigations effectively. Moreover, a significant driving force behind the research and development at BNMIT is its team of 59 research guides. These experienced individuals play a crucial role in mentoring and guiding scholars, enabling them to pursue their research interests.

The institution’s commitment to research is further evident through its successful completion of eight research projects funded by esteemed organizations such as VGST, DST, VTU, AICTE, and other funding agencies. These projects highlight the institution’s ability to secure external funding and contribute to the scientific community. And, currently, BNMIT has four ongoing research projects that have been granted substantial funding amounting to 3.0 Crores, emphasizing the institution’s dedication to continuous research and innovation.

A Hub of Infrastructural Brilliance

BNMIT boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure to support a modern learning environment. The institution has ensured that all classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge digital features, including interactive boards, LED projectors, and cameras for lecture capture. This technology enables a more engaging and interactive learning experience for students.

In terms of connectivity, BNMIT offers a remarkable 500 Mbps internet connection, making the entire campus a completely WiFi-enabled zone. This high-speed internet access allows students to stay connected and access e-learning resources round the clock. The institution also encourages students to explore online courses by providing 24×7 availability of e-learning resources, facilitated through a functional Digital Library on campus.

To enhance the learning experience further, BNMIT has established dedicated studios for video recording lectures. This initiative has resulted in the availability of over 200 full-length BNMIT lectures online, accessible to students at their convenience.

In line with the evolving digital landscape, the institution has procured a licensed version of MS Teams, which is utilized for online lectures and meetings. This platform enables seamless communication and collaboration between students and faculty.

Furthermore, BNMIT has implemented a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which covers various domains such as Student Information System (SIS), Academic Affairs, Admissions, Finance, and Examination. This integrated system streamlines administrative processes and ensures efficient management of these essential areas.

Loans and Scholarship Opportunities

All in all, with a vision of demonstrating its commitment to supporting students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who display exceptional academic performance by instituting scholarships. These scholarships are awarded in the form of fee concessions, with a total value of up to 80 Lakhs.

In addition to scholarships based on economic need, BNMIT also recognizes and rewards students who excel in sports and cultural activities. Scholarships amounting to 12 Lakhs are available to these accomplished individuals, acknowledging their talents and achievements.

Furthermore, BNMIT has instituted a special scholarship program for academically outstanding students, including the toppers. Scholarships totaling 37 Lakhs are allocated to recognize and encourage these high-achieving individuals, acknowledging their dedication and academic prowess. And lastly, to further assist students in pursuing their education, BNMIT has established an arrangement with Canara Bank to provide loan opportunities to those in need. The institution provides the required guarantee, facilitating access to loans for students who require financial support.