Dr. R S Kumar – Shaping Academic Successes


COVID 19 pandemic has been one of the biggest disruptions that have posed a challenge for human existence. Considering its long-lasting effects in triggering innovation and out of the box thinking for educational institutions, particularly higher education, the challenge to continue on a relentless teaching-learning process has resulted in letting the world know what true leadership is. Resting on a strong academic foundation and with a clear aim of molding young leaders, personalities such as Dr. R S Kumar have helped their respective institutions tackle challenges of time and distance, and cater to the ever-changing needs and demands of upgrading knowledge and skills.

Providing students with an experience of life, skills, social values, knowledge, and holistic personality development, Dr. R S Kumar has led at SRM Easwari Engineering College in implementing  Autonomy, as the current principal, guiding faculty members to hone young talents irrespective of the medium of teaching-learning used. Ensuring sure-footedness in knowledge, in turn, showing his confidence to the whole world by, maintaining the traditions and values of our country, Dr. Kumar has boosted self-confidence in every individual present on the campus of Easwari.

A Mechanical Engineer with Honors from PSG College of Technology, and IIT – Delhi, empowering students and faculty on a regular basis is Dr. Kumar’s niche. Also, by helping Easwari Engineering College get a 360-degree development environment, he aims towards becoming a ladder for students in their journey towards greatness and success.

Redefining leadership

A thoroughly adaptable personality, Dr. Kumar believes in people-orientation and works rigorously towards team building. Carrying his impressive core and service industry experience of over 35 years forward, he has outperformed as a principal for 10+ years. As an expert in science-tech management, he has enabled faculty to index 250+ journal papers in a short span of 1 year. Furthermore, having conceptualized, presented, and obtained TBI for KCT, Coimbatore, he has had the honors of being one of the Board Governors for TBI-Forge, an incubation center initiated and implemented by PMKVY in 5 different departments.

Multi-talented, multi-lingual, and multidisciplinary-professional, Dr. R S Kumar not only motivates corporate careers but as a staunch believer in entrepreneurship and innovation appreciates varied cultures and thus has given wings to several projects from scratch. A conversant individual, he has built strong bonds with AICTE, NBA, thus, being well-versed with the whole accreditation process, thus guiding SRM Group of Institutions to gain immensely.

Due to the strong industry connection, he holds with top corporates and industry giants, he has helped organizations obtain more than 11 crores of funding in different capacities. Moreover, with a knack for clear guidance and having honed more than 10,000 students over his academic career, he involves himself regularly in curriculum development projects, internships, design entrepreneurship.

Instrumental in setting up of DST NSTEDB funded Incubation Centre at Kumaraguru College of Technology with Rs 5.0 Cr funding, the total outlay of the project was Rs 15.0 Cr, and thus with such a big responsibility on his shoulders, Dr. Kumar helped and initiated setting up Industry collaborations, Centers of Excellence and laboratories in different Institutions. Also, having had opportunities to head and contribute to many committees for auditing, planning, improving, identifying, implementing, and post-event closures, being a vital part of the Academic Council of Anna University – Chennai, Finance Committee – All India University Sports Organizing Committee, ISO Process Committee, NASSCOM train the trainer program and many more, are his prime achievements.

All in all, an all-rounded personality, Dr. R S Kumar has motivated, planned, and contributed towards educating children in  Schools. Having a strong philanthropic agenda towards anything and everything he does, as a member for mitigation he participated in the relief for Floods at Cuddalore and has coordinated with election officials for smooth conduct of General Elections in Cuddalore. Lastly, being able to identify financially weak students and recommend scholarships regularly, Dr. Kumar serves society and the nation, converting young students into confident professionals of tomorrow, ready to take their spots in the dynamic world outside.