GETS Academy – Shaping the Future of Education


While countries are at different points in their COVID-19 infection rates, worldwide there are currently more than a billion students affected with closures, exam cancellations and uncertainty. The only positive thing to take out of this situation is the need to stay adept with the changes and always be prepared to grow. As institutes across the world have adapted to the new digital norms and progressed steadily, some of them, especially from our very own country, are taking impressive strides as expert educators. Shining light on such entities who are always there to guide our young towards a successful path in their respective careers, educational hubs like the GETS Academy have been promoting holistic education, right on the pursuit of grooming students to reach new horizons.

Operating as one of the prime wings of the Global Educational Trust, that has promoted the Daksha PU College, GETS Academy has been receiving great laurels as one of the most reputed institutes in the state of Karnataka, reaching out to new horizons in every aspect of this dynamic world. Established by Mr. Jayachandra Raju, a global servant, and his team of renowned personalities cum trustees, who have strong links to the field of education, are day-in and day-out ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the act to support continuous learning of the students onboard.

Known for its impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure, the campus is ideally situated on a lush-green location in the heart of the heritage city of Mysuru, Karnataka. Developed as a green and clean educational neighborhood, students learn to love Mother Earth in pursuit of their individual paths towards success. Also, a staunch follower of the refined National Educational Policy (NEP), it goes together with the essence of the new system and promotes credit based, practice and career-oriented consolidation of education.

Reimagining excellence

Providing students with whatever is needed to feel empowered, recognized, and optimized, in-line with the NEP, the B. Com (Honors) and BBA (Honors) programs offered at the academy are curated towards being progressive, credit-based and advanced, focused on more dominant specializations. These courses particularly help students grasp the core aspects of their subjects, in turn, a talent pool of professionals is being created each day, whose credentials as professions is surely commendable. The Programs are so conceived that it equips the students with a wide range of managerial skills, while building competence in various areas of life activity. Moreover, the programs ensure that in addition to their regular core courses the students are exposed to all major general management, commerce, business, environment management and sustainable development principles in a totally expressive atmosphere.

Always maintaining standards that are followed by top institutions across India, the academy pushes all its students to grow as individuals who can meet the demands of today’s challenging industry/society. Keeping in mind the all-round development of students, value additional models in language, communication skills, personality and job-oriented professional development are also made available for all. The impressive infrastructure additionally gives students options to choose from residential as well as day accommodations, where the education goes via digital and face-to-face mediums, irrespective of the crisis scenario the world is facing.

All thanks to the connections the management of the academy has with top corporations and industries, students get real-time opportunities to associate with prestigious companies for internships, projects, and placements. “Every individual on campus is encouraged to thrive on a stimulating environment, and build strong bonds with each other”, stated – Mr. Jayachandra Raju, during a brief conversation we had with him, where he spoke about what GETS stands for and how the future looks despite the scary times ahead of us. Adding to his above point and summing up the whole conversation, he stated – “Health and well-being of everyone on our campus is our biggest priority and GETS guarantees that all possible measures will be taken to protect everyone from the COVID-19 pandemic, where we would see ourselves come out of this period together as a community”.

Mr. P. Jayachandra Raju – Chairman

Founder, chairman and trustee of the Global Education Trust (GET), Mr. Raju is an aviation professional with social concern, an academician, a philanthropist, and an environmentalist. As part of the UNO, he has served in various countries. He has also been awarded with the “Educational Excellence Award” in the Indo-Global Education Summit and with the “Global Indian Award”, which was given to him by the then president – Ms. Pratibha Patil in the year 2013 for his distinguished services.