Global Coach – Opening New Avenues


Be it a small company, or an MNC, all are suffering economic crisis due to lockdown. Coronavirus or COVID-19 has not only affected the economy but has also claimed many lives worldwide. The market has started to open slowly with precautionary measures like minimum workforce, use of sanitization, low contact, etc. but there have been few sectors who are still facing complete lockdown. One sector which remained undeterred and clearly helped students and working professionals continue in their path of upskilling themselves, with an environment of high uncertainty around – training institutes are continuing to play a vital role in this pandemic. Considering the amount of training institutes our country has, it is vital for aspirants to pick the right institute for their academic endeavours. One such renowned software training institute, which has been excelling in terms of providing effortless quality training to all its students – Global Coach, has been a prime player in the field of SAP Training.

Being a go-to platform for students from all backgrounds, Global Coach hosts a 2-months training program, where aspirants are trained to become employable professionals. From SAP & R-Programming to new-age fields like Digital Marketing, Global Coach has expert onboard trainers who have a minimum experience of 10-12 years, in both industry and teaching. Helping students gain both theoretically and practically, the trainers at Global Coach use seminars, workshops and specialized modules to help students learn more than the course curriculum. Operating since 2011, the multicultural team of trainers coming from across the globe, have been successful in training more than 5000 global professionals so far.

Blended mode of studies

Started with a vision and mission to polish and sharpen individual growth in the current dynamic corporate world, Global Coach has come a long way since its inception. Well adapted to literally any medium of teaching, considering the ongoing pandemic, Global Coach has opened new avenues for both learners and working professionals, to take up courses via online modules, webinars, and test series. Basing the entire course, well curated according to the needs and demands of the industry, this by itself enriches the organization and motivates it to outperform on all aspects.

From soft skill development to corporate training, every endeavour taken up by Global Coach is done with finesse. “Every module is designed and explained practically, logically and theoretically, which, in turn, will increase the productivity in you and enable you to perform well”, quoted – Ms. Deepika Alavala, one of the very first trainers/mentors to become a part of the Global Coach team. During a brief conversation with Ms. Deepika, we understood the whole working process followed at the training institute, and how all the trainers work together to give back to society – trained professionals. Continuing the conversation, Ms. Deepika added – “So far, Global Coach has successfully trained 20+ batches who are in a leading position in various top IT and Management companies that have increased the competition in the market.

Via the conversation we learnt that the current value of the Global Coach training institute is quite high in the market as the entire training program is unique and maintains consistency in the market by delivering the best outcome. Consisting of a team of young, dedicated and experienced professionals, students connect and mingle well and in turn, are motivated to perform well. Completely committed and passionate to reach the current standards of the market, all the skills learnt at the institute help students move smoothly through both their professional, as well as personal lives.

A complete training institute

Considering the 2-month duration of the course, aspirants are not only trained in the courses they have opted for, but an all-rounded development procedure takes place during this period. At the end of the training period, students are encouraged to take up mock interviews, resume writing programs, pre-assessments, and post-assessments. All thanks to the brilliant onboard faculty members, the assessment procedures are handled with care and apt feedback is given to the students, letting them know their respective progress reports.

Due to the existing brand-value the training institute has, the future seems bright and happening. With already existing 2-branches in the city of pearls – Hyderabad, Global Coach has been getting franchise requests from many tier-1 & tier-2 cities in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and so on. Lastly, having been known as the face for quality corporate training, the management has plans of getting into colleges for bootcamps, and try to incorporate new courses into the already existing catalogue, well-directed towards successfully producing quality employable professionals.

Ms. Sai Deepika Alavala – Operations Head

Having a wide-ranging experience of 9 years in the Education Sector, Sai Deepika Alavala has been the core member of the organization since its beginning and is currently heading the operations at Global Coach Academy. Being the first employee of the organization, she has been instrumental in building a strong team of true professionals for the last 5 years. With an amazing ability to motivate both an individual and an entire team, she has been a strong leader who leverages her insight, business acumen, and experience to coach her team to success. She has excellent people management skills and is well respected in the organization. Her energy, passion and relentless pursuit to maintain and deliver the quality of education to the students are second to none.