Indore Institute of Law


Nurturing Legal Pioneers

Going to law school is one of the most exciting, transformative, and challenging experiences for budding law enthusiasts. From taking part in moot court competitions, or getting to deep dive into the varied world of legal education, it is indeed a rollercoaster ride. But what if the college you join doesn’t let you get real world experience, and what if it doesn’t have all the amenities and resources it actually promised to possess? This is where law institutes such as Indore Institute of Law shine bright, in turn, being known for operating as constantly evolving hubs, where future leaders get a 360 degree legal learning experience.

Indore Institute of Law in a Nutshell

Established in 2003, Indore Institute of Law (IIL) has progressed as a community of dedicated individuals united by a common goal: revolutionizing legal education. “Our mission is to provide students with a profound understanding of law and prepare them for the evolving demands of the legal industry”, shares Dr. Akshay Kanti Bam, the Founder and Chairman.

Over 2 decades IIL has achieved significant milestones, notably being the only institute in the country to receive an NAAC A+ accreditation in its very first cycle. Additionally, the law institute has attained Autonomy Status starting from the academic year 2023-2024.

IIL currently offers B.A.LL.B. (Hons.), B.B.A.LL.B. (Hons.), B.B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) with Global Transnational Studies, LL.B.(Hons.), and LL.M., all under one roof. And the management has ensured the institute embraces the transnational educational model completely, in turn organizing numerous international trips for their students on a regular basis.

Commitment to Faculty Excellence

Indore Institute of Law (IIL) ensures the quality of its faculty by recruiting experienced and knowledgeable educators and providing them with opportunities for professional development through workshops, conferences, and other training programs.

To foster a culture of research and innovation, IIL offers resources and support for faculty members to engage in scholarly activities and pursue new ideas. Regular academic audits are conducted to evaluate and assess faculty performance, aiding in the improvement of teaching skills and ensuring alignment with industry trends. IIL encourages interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty members from various disciplines, including law, management, business, humanities, science, and technology.

A Tomorrow-ready Campus

Situated on a lush green campus spanning 7 acres, IIL features 63 state-of-the-art thematic classrooms equipped with interactive audio-visual aids. The campus also boasts well-maintained playgrounds for outdoor sports like cricket, volleyball, and basketball, as well as indoor facilities for chess, carrom, and table tennis. Students’ physical and mental fitness is supported by dedicated sports and yoga instructors.

IIL provides an ICT-enabled library, individual laptops or iPads for every student, and access to a digital library and e-resources such as Legal Search Engines (Manupatra, SCC, Live Law, Shodhganga), journals, and databases.

A Hub of Innovative Learning and Global Exposure

To stay in complete sync with the evolving demands of society, Indore Institute of Law (IIL) has implemented a pedagogy featuring smart Experiential and Demonstrative Learning. Students are exposed to global information through digital sources such as databases, journals, newsletters, publications, webinars, and conferences. Additionally, they benefit from transnational educational tours and internships. Highlighting what makes IIL a unique law college, Dr. Akshay Kanti Bam stated, “To give our students an edge over their counterparts, we offer national and international certifications in diverse subjects and foreign languages, including French and Japanese.”

Apart from regular degree programs, IIL also offers courses and programs focusing on the use of technology in the legal field. These include documentation software, word processors, eDiscovery solutions, data analysis, smart contracts and payment solutions, cloud-based technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented and virtual reality.

Comprehensive Career Development and Industry Engagement at Indore Institute of Law

Indore Institute of Law (IIL) features a dedicated Career Development Cell (CDC) that focuses on expanding and strengthening industry engagement. With a combined experience of approximately 70 years in capacity building and industry relations, the team is well-equipped to enhance the quality and employability of law graduates.

Students at IIL benefit from expert lectures delivered by national and international legal luminaries, alumni guest lectures, and participation in national and international competitions, debates, Model United Nations, Moot Court Competitions, Parliamentary debates, and extemporaneous speaking. They also engage in workshops on legal drafting, legal research and writing, mediation and negotiation, and receive national and international certifications. The CDC facilitates internships and both on-campus and off-campus placements.

The CDC team, along with faculty coordinators, tracks student progress during internships and for six months post-placement. Employer feedback on student performance is collected and communicated to faculty coordinators, who then collaborate with the Skill Development Cell (SDC) to identify skill gaps. Workshops or individual counseling sessions are planned to bridge these gaps and align student performance with industry expectations.

The Training and Placement Cell (T&P) at IIL is divided into the Skill Development Cell (SDC) and Career Development Cell (CDC). The CDC is led by the CEO and includes the Head of Placements, Placement Manager, and Executives, all of whom have an average work experience of 8-10 years post their master’s degrees.

Regular visits to law firms and corporates in major cities are a staple feature for IIL students. Additionally, the SDC organizes visits to tribunals, district courts, and high courts. Students enrolled in premium/global exposure programs have opportunities to visit the Parliament of India, Supreme Court of India, as well as the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.