J K Lakshmipat University – Shaping World Changers


With the current pace at which the world is progressing and considering the current scenario due to the ongoing pandemic, the traditional methods of education are almost on the verge of falling redundant. Technological advancements are growing rapidly such that businesses and organizations are compelled to rely more on the role of technology in jobs, and thereby, this has resulted in a tremendous impact on education, pushing students to start on an endless race to stand out, when compared to their peers. Consequently, students across different streams are adapting to the new trends and with topics like AI, automation, Data Science gaining prominence, the work scenario in next couple of decades will be data-reliant and will require severe upskilling. Also, with India’s economic growth scripting an exciting narrative, the youth will help our country progress towards tremendous growth. Thereby, guiding and producing such extraordinary personnel in the form of trained professionals even during thse times of turmoil, J K Lakshmipat University dedicates itself towards productive career development and continuous improvement.

Established in the year 2011, J K Lakshmipat University (JKLU) is located in the historic city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, supported the JK Organization. Being known for its 125+ years of legacy and contributions towards nation-building, JKLU strives relentlessly in the direction of creating innovative young professionals of tomorrow.

Built on a 30-acre modern campus, the state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities make everyone present on the campus of JKLU environmentally conscious, and motivate them to live, work and play in the most safe, productive and student-centric environment. Preparing every student to become not just job-ready, but perhaps life-ready, the continuous learning process inculcated with the necessary life-skills and job-skills, the pedagogy and committed faculty body guide students towards success-filled futures, one step at a time.

Investing in lifetimes

Following a complete application-based learning model, equal opportunities are provided to all the students, preaching thorough learning-by-doing. The immersive curriculum and pedagogy is curated by the best, for the best, staying well-in sync with the industry demands and trends. Also, believing that exposure is necessary to multidisciplinary perspectives, students are trained in being experts in everything. Be it liberal arts or core tech and management, students at JKLU become trained professionals, by the end of their respective course terms. Being a haven for all-rounded growth and development, the state-of-the-art infrastructure gives way for well-equipped labs, practice schools, Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and a Centre for Communication & Critical to be built on campus, which were clearly established owing JKLU’s sincere commitment to the never-ending process of development of their students.

Re-imagining education, embedding it with curiosity and technology, all the teaching methods and learning outcomes are future oriented. Boasting of the best in-house faculty members, JKLU is home to expert academicians, industry experts and research scholars. Passing on their varied experiences to the students, they act as mentors rather than just faculty members. Promoting mentor-mentee relationships beyond the classrooms, students find role models in their very own teachers, taking their assistance in all walks of life, be it professional or personal. Furthermore, helping students in gaining and building insights about the world around them, scientific perspectives and awareness is developed in the students via regular discussions and seminars.

We Benefit from a close and sustained dialogue with industry, in turn, leveraging the advantages of mentorship, counselling and work opportunities”, quoted – Dr R L Raina, the Vice-Chancellor at JKLU talking to us about the impressive industry-academia connect existing on the campus of JKLU. Talking to us in depth about the whole working ethos present at JKLU, Dr Raina gave us an inside-view of the whole operation and how JKLU is not just another university imparting quality education. He added to his earlier statement, by saying – “Our renewed effort to offer a contemporary and global education has been reaffirmed by strong and new partnerships, as well as a fresh blueprint for our curriculum and pedagogy.” Through the conversation we learnt that JKLU has involved itself rigorously, pledging to deliver a future-ready education, which prepares every student on campus to take up challenges of the modern workplace, irrespective of the disruptions the market will undergo. Also, in 2018, JKLU was selected by Niti Aayog for the establishment of an Atal Innovation Centre, giving wings to its vision of developing an incubation center which fosters dynamic needs of the entrepreneurs in 2tier and 3tier cities, not only in Rajasthan but across India through its hybrid incubation programs.

Learners becoming leaders

Being a pioneer of project-based cutting-edge teaching/learning, JKLU is home to courses ranging across all the major branches of engineering, design, basic-sciences, computer applications and doctorate programs. Being a hub where tech, business society, culture and people intersect, students are fostered to understand technologies like AI, IoT, and automation. Enabling an atmosphere where students learn, grow and develop a deep sense of empathy towards society and nature, at JKLU, students are the centre of every step taken.

Continuously innovating every process on campus, students are made to excel both inside and outside the classroom. Comprising of the best on-campus facilities, major student clubs from music to coding clubs, students try their prowess at every opportunity thrown at them, converting themselves into ready future professionals.

Lastly, laying the right amount of emphasis on mental health and well-being of students, every faculty member and the management personnel make sure that students deserve and receive a good student and an academic life at the campus, carrying forward every memory spent at JKLU, into their respective lives, outshining as example-individuals, ready to take their spot in the ever-changing dynamic world.

Dr. Roshan Lal Raina, Vice-Chancellor

A renowned academician, a man of his word and an abled leader, Dr R L Raina is known for his multi-faceted contributions. Holding unique distinction of having received Fulbright Award, the British Council Fellowship, SIS Fellowship, Top Rankers Excellence Award for Academic Leadership (2014), Indian Science Congress Association Honour (2014) and many more to his credit, he successfully initiated and handled institution-building activities in areas like ‘Placements’, ‘Corporate Communication & Media Relations’, Student Affairs’, and ‘Alumni Affairs’. Also credited with building and managing state-of-the-art and world-class academic infrastructure, including the learning resource center at IIML, as the current VC of JKLU, he guides and motivates students towards realizing their respective goals and work responsibly and efficiently.