LTA School of Beauty


In a country like India, known for its vibrant culture­s and ethnicities, beauty and make-up academies have gaine­d popularity as sought-after destinations for aspiring individuals looking to unleash the­ir creative potential. One­ such renowned institution is the LTA School of Be­auty. Operated by Lakmé Leve­r Pvt. Ltd., the LTA School of Beauty serve­s as both an oasis of artistry and innovation and a catalyst in nurturing talented professionals who transform the­ir passions into successful careers.

Founded in 2005, LTA School of Beauty is India’s leading beauty academy. LTA is on a mission to provide the beauty Industry with expert hair and beauty professionals, equipped with modern infrastructure and equipment and is proud to have trained over 10,000 candidates to date.

LTA students also have the distinct advantage of having access to rich online resource material from Pivot Point (USA) helping them retain and enhance their knowledge, while LTA prepares their students to be industry ready for jobs within and outside the country”, shared – Ms Vaishali K Shah, the Director of the School.

LTA School of Beauty in a Nutshell

LTA School of Beauty offe­rs a wide range of industry-rele­vant courses. These include­ Certificate, Diploma, Professional Diploma, and Inte­rnational Diploma programs that vary in duration from 3 to 12 months. The Diploma courses provided by LTA are­ closely aligned with este­emed international qualifications such as CIDESCO (Switze­rland), VTCT (UK), and the Beauty and Wellne­ss Sector Skill Council (India). Moreove­r, the International Diploma courses offe­red by LTA provide valuable opportunitie­s for students to pursue overse­as employment and secure­ the best job prospects available­ in the market.

LTA School of Beauty places a strong emphasis on practical sessions, which stands as a key highlight of its curriculum. LTA has devised a distinctive system that guarantees students a mandatory number of practice hours on real clients, thanks to its Practice Model Sourcing System. This approach ensures that students gain hands-on experience and sharpen their skills through practical application in a controlled and supervised environment.

Furthermore, when we asked the Director about how up-to-date the school has always been in terms of providing in-demand programs and value-added courses, Ms Vaishali shared – “Since nearly 2 decades of its inception, LTA has been at the forefront of providing training on the latest market-relevant courses whether it is using Air-Brush Techniques for makeup, or facial treatments using modern gadgets such as Lasers, Radio Frequency or Galvanic Machines”.

Also, when we asked the Director on how actively does the school help its students get placement opportunities, she added – “Everyone at LTA School of Beauty takes on the responsibility of ensuring that each student trained by LTA receives job placement. And, over time, LTA has cultivated a strong trust among employers who willingly offer real-time exposure to our students, either through direct placements or internship opportunities”.

Additionally, through the conversation with the Director, she spoke about how LTA School of Beauty has gained recognition for maintaining a remarkable 100% placement record for its accomplished graduates. And, how LTA is dedicated to securing the best job opportunities with competitive salaries for its students within the industry. The Director also elaborated on how the school not only emphasizes on getting its students placed, but also fosters self-sufficiency among its students by encouraging them to consider entrepreneurship and start their own enterprises once they have gained ample experience in the field.

Redefining Educational Brilliance

LTA School of Beauty prides itself on providing students with the best trainer-student ratio available in the industry. At LTA centers, students benefit from state-of-the-art practical lab equipment and have access to a wealth of resources, including online learning e-books, videos, and other materials, through its valuable partnership with Pivot Point Labs. The comprehensive resources available to LTA students are the envy of many, further enhancing their learning experience and ensuring they receive a top-notch education in the beauty industry.

Notable Success Stories

While maintaining an impeccable 100% job placement track record, LTA School of Beauty boasts numerous mega-success stories that exemplify the achievements of its graduates. Among these remarkable stories, one can’t help but notice the success of over three dozen candidates who secured overseas job placements with cruise liners shortly after completing their courses at LTA. These students not only had the opportunity to travel abroad for approximately nine months each year but also earned substantial salaries. In fact, some were able to recover their course fees in as little as two months at the beginning of their careers.

Additionally, students trained by LTA have had the honor of representing India at prestigious World Skills Competitions, where they have achieved remarkable success by winning medals and medallions. “These unforgettable moments fill us with pride as our students have not only made their country, parents, and families proud but also brought honor to their alma mater, LTA School of Beauty”, exclaimed Ms Vaishali K Shah.


Financial Aid Options

LTA School of Beauty unde­rstands the financial concerns faced by its stude­nts. In order to address these­ concerns, the school offers a varie­ty of options for student course fee­ finance. This includes the fle­xibility to pay fees in convenie­nt installments, as well as access to loans through truste­d commercial finance companies. Additionally, LTA pe­riodically provides scholarships to eligible stude­nts, offering further financial support for their e­ducation. These diverse­ finance options aim to alleviate the­ burden of finances and ensure­ that aspiring students can pursue their be­auty education at LTA without experie­ncing excessive financial stre­ss.

Ms Vaishali K.Shah – Director

Ms. Vaishali K Shah, an accomplished individual in her own right, pursued her education at SNDT and obtained her Post Graduate Diplomas in Business Management and Diet and Nutrition. After working as a practicing dietitian alongside renowned doctors for two years, she transitioned her career into the world of beauty. Ms. Shah began by opening one of India’s most renowned beauty brand salons and rapidly expanded, establishing six units in Mumbai and Chennai.

In 2005, she founded her own training academy, LTA School of Beauty, which has grown exponentially over the course of 12 years, establishing 14 locations across Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, New Delhi, and Kakinada. Ms. Shah actively contributes to beauty magazines through her regular writing and conducts various beauty seminars, aiming to raise awareness about the diverse career opportunities in the beauty industry.

Ms. Shah’s qualifications include being CIDESCO, CIDESCO(SPA), and CIBTAC certified, which are recognized as the world’s most prestigious qualifications in the field of beauty. She is also a certified VTCT assessor. Her expertise and contributions have been acknowledged with the Mentor of the Year award based on a survey conducted by Thorn. Furthermore, she has been appointed as the Chief Beauty Expert by NSDC for five consecutive terms spanning 10 years, actively participating in the World Skills Competition held in Leipzig (Germany) in 2013, São Paulo (Brazil) in 2015, Abu Dhabi (2017), Kazan (Russia) in 2019, and Finland in 2022.