Mrs Saroj Khosla


Leadership is vital in the field of higher education when it comes to guiding institutions towards excellence and fostering a climate that supports growth and innovation. A university campus is like a busy ecosystem in which under the guidance of progressive leaders, seeds of knowledge are sown, nurtured, and flourished. Mrs. Saroj Khosla, a postgraduate, spent most of her career in teacher training institutes. Her exposure to higher education from Oxford University, UK gave her an edge to shine in teaching profession.

In this constantly changing scenario, there is no overemphasizing the role of practical and visionary leaders where Mrs. Saroj Khosla presents herself as an outstanding educationist. Her illustrious career characterized by visionary leadership and pragmatic approach has made an immense impact on the educational sphere of Himachal Pradesh. Currently holding the position of President at the Foundation for Life Sciences and Business Management, as well as that of Chairperson to Shoolini Institute, Mrs Khosla is no less than a figure representing an influence beyond administration.

Pioneering Legacy and Pragmatic Leadership in Education

Mrs. Saroj Khosla’s leadership in education is intricately woven into her familial heritage and an unwavering commitment to the field. Born into a family where education transcends being a mere profession, it is a legacy. Her father’s role as a District Education Officer (DEO) laid the groundwork for a lifelong involvement in the educational sector, setting the stage for her own substantial contributions.

A pivotal moment in Mrs. Khosla’s career unfolded when she inspired her husband, Dr. P K Khosla, a retired Vice Chancellor of HP Agricultural University Palampur and Scientific Advisor to the Government of Himachal Pradesh, to embark on private education at the age of 64. Her ability to motivate and encourage, even at an age conventionally deemed late for new beginnings, reflects her belief that age should never hinder meaningful contributions to society. This bold decision not only showcased her leadership qualities but also marked the commencement of a new chapter in their joint dedication to education.

Mrs. Khosla’s influence extended to the next generation as she motivated her two sons, Mr. Ashish and Atul, to follow in the family’s educational footsteps. Despite tempting opportunities in the private sector, she emphasized the significance of contributing to the university, highlighting her conviction in the transformative power of education and the individual responsibility in shaping the future.

What sets Mrs. Khosla’s leadership style apart is her pragmatic nature, emphasizing practicality, realism, and tangible results. Her adeptness at navigating the dynamic business landscape demonstrates adaptability and a hands-on approach to decision-making. Recognized for her ability to cut through complexity, make tough decisions, and propel teams toward measurable outcomes, Mrs. Khosla’s leadership has been instrumental in the growth and success of both Shoolini University and Shoolini Institute of Life Sciences and Business Management. The latter institute speaks of her vision that college education is universal while university education is restrictive for those who have the acumen to integrate teaching, research, and transfer of technology.

In her current role as the President of the Foundation, Mrs. Khosla played a pivotal role in establishing the Shoolini Institute of Life Sciences and Business Management (SILB), an institution synonymous with the biotechnology revolution in private education. This initiative culminated in the formation of Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences in Solan in 2009, further cementing her legacy in shaping the educational landscape. Even as an octogenarian she is serving at the aforesaid institution (SILB) as its President and regularly steering its functioning. Under her leadership, SILB till date had produced 20 gold medalists even when the best students join the main campus.

A Spiritual Visionary and Advocate for Holistic Well-being

Mrs. Saroj Khosla’s influence transcends the educational sphere; she stands as a symbol of love, humility, and selflessness. Alongside her husband, Prof P K Khosla, who serves as the Chancellor of Shoolini University, she has undertaken a spiritual journey, engaging in transcendental meditation through the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India. Both as co-disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda, the Khoslas have been instrumental in founding a comprehensive meditation center within the university, offering degree programs in Yoga at the B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. levels.

Their visionary initiatives, such as ‘Yogananda Ville’ and the ‘Yogananda Wellness Centre’ and Naturopathy Hospital, attest to their commitment to holistic well-being. Mrs. Khosla and her husband have received accolades for the ‘Ayush Medi-Centre’ and the establishment of a distinguished ‘Herbal Garden,’ demonstrating their unwavering dedication to the principles of yoga, naturopathy, and ayurveda.

Empowering Through Education

Beyond her administrative prowess, Mrs. Saroj Khosla stands as a dedicated advocate for women’s education. Her commitment to implementing concrete measures that promote gender equality, inclusivity, and enhanced access to educational opportunities for women is highly commendable. Mrs. Khosla actively champions policies aimed at addressing gender-based discrimination, cultural biases, and economic disparities. She has taken the lead in establishing scholarship programs, mentorship initiatives, and community outreach programs.

Under her dynamic leadership, both Shoolini Institute and Shoolini University are engaged in collaborative efforts with diverse stakeholders, including businesses and governments. These initiatives aim to create sustainable solutions for bolstering women’s access to education. Mrs. Khosla’s unwavering dedication to dismantling systemic barriers has significantly empowered women, enabling them to pursue and excel in education, ultimately contributing to broader societal benefits.