St. Xavier’s College Burdwan


Higher education stands as a cornerstone of progress, shaping the intellectual landscape of nations and preparing individuals for the challenges of tomorrow. And in this direction higher educational institutions across the length and breadth of India have started on the journey of giving back to the society – not just capable individuals, but holistically inclined leaders. One renowned name in this sector which has been known for its unique contribution since its inception, St. Xavier’s College Burdwan believes in a mission rooted in a new world community of justice, love and peace.

A significant educational initiative of the Jesuits from the Kolkata Province of the Society of Jesus, St. Xavier’s College, Burdwan serves as the second college established by the Jesuits, which was inaugurated on July 11th, 2014. Affiliated with the University of Burdwan, the college currently offers Honours Courses in Arts, Science, and Commerce streams. Dedicated faculty members across all eight departments work diligently to provide students with quality academic guidance.

The college boasts a welcoming and inclusive environment, fostered by a diverse student body representing various backgrounds and cultures. Given its location amidst the Santal tribal population, the college attracts a considerable number of tribal students from various districts, drawing students not only from local schools but also from neighboring states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Delhi, as well as from the neighboring country of Bangladesh.

 Evolution and Excellence

Having started by offering only six departments in 2014, by 2018, the college transitioned to its dedicated building on the adjacent campus. The year 2020 marked the inauguration of the administrative building, coinciding with the introduction of the BCA department and Postgraduate Course in English. Subsequently, in 2019, the BBA department was established.

Recent developments include the construction of Loyola Hall, an Indoor Games room, Auditorium, and a basketball ground within the college premises. Throughout its journey, the college has continually strived for excellence, producing university toppers and serving as a launchpad for employment opportunities for its students. Notably, the college has a tradition of recruiting its own students as professors and office staff, thereby not only offering employment opportunities but also ensuring the delivery of quality education.

Empowering Growth

St. Xavier’s College prioritizes the holistic development of its students, striving to provide a comprehensive educational experience. As one of the top institutions in Burdwan, the college places a strong emphasis on imparting practical field knowledge to its students. Various certificate courses, such as Spoken English, Tally classes, and French, are offered to enhance students’ skill sets. Additionally, plans are underway to introduce new add-on courses in the near future.

Students at St. Xavier’s College undergo a continuous evaluation process aimed at encouraging critical thinking and creativity beyond traditional textbook learning. Each semester, students prepare presentations on topics related to their coursework, fostering confidence and communication skills. Following mid-semester examinations, remedial classes are provided to students who scored below 50%, with advanced learners volunteering to assist them.

Dedication to Social Responsibility

St. Xavier’s College has long been deeply engaged in social initiatives, fostering a culture of social responsibility among its students. Reverend Dr. G. Paul Arockiam, the Principal-Secretary, highlighted the college’s Extension Services department, which spearheads various social outreach programs. This department comprises X-reach, AICUF, NSS, and X-EVE, all aimed at addressing societal needs.

Reverend Dr. G. Paul Arockiam explained, “Every Saturday, students are actively involved in visiting nearby old age homes and orphanages, gaining firsthand experience of the challenges faced by the less privileged.”

In a recent endeavor, students conducted a survey in slum areas to gather data from underprivileged communities, culminating in the organization of a free health check-up camp on December 22nd, 2023.

One of the college’s flagship social projects is X-caritas, which brings together underprivileged children from across the town, ensuring they experience joy and support. The day includes sports activities in the morning, accompanied by breakfast, followed by a wholesome lunch and cultural event, all aimed at uplifting the spirits of the participants.

Expanding Horizons

The college administration is eagerly anticipating expansion in the number of departments and the introduction of new add-on courses. With the upcoming 10th anniversary of the college, it marks a significant milestone in its journey. Plans are underway to apply for NAAC accreditation in the near future.

Rev. Dr. G. Paul Arockiam – Secretary

Originally from Mugaiyur, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, Rev. Dr. G. Paul Arockiam, S.J. entered the Society of Jesus in 1983, affiliating with the Calcutta Province. Currently, he holds the positions of Principal and Secretary at St. Xavier’s College in Burdwan, West Bengal.

Dr. Arockiam boasts a strong academic background, holding a Ph.D. from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, completed at St. Joseph’s College. He also earned an M.Sc. and B.Sc. from Bharathidasan University and the University of Madras, respectively, both also completed at St. Joseph’s College. Notably, he received a medal for outstanding academic performance during his postgraduate studies.

In terms of professional qualifications, Dr. Arockiam obtained a B.Ed. from the University of Calcutta, completed at St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata, in 1990. Additionally, he earned a Diploma in Cartooning from the British Institutes in Bombay in 1994.

Dr. Arockiam’s professional journey commenced as an assistant teacher at St. Xavier’s School in Durgapur from 1987 to 1988. Subsequently, he served as an assistant teacher at St. Xavier’s Collegiate School in Kolkata from 1995 to 1999. In 2002, he assumed the role of assistant teacher at St. Xavier’s School in Burdwan. Since 2003, he has served as the Principal and Secretary of St. Xavier’s School in Burdwan. He has held the positions of Principal and Secretary at St. Xavier’s College in Burdwan since 2014. He took the responsibility as the Principal of St. Xavier’s College Burdwan from 2019 onwards.