Technical University of Munich: Providing a Global Perspective to Education


Ranked as one of Europe’s top universities, Technical University of Munich (TUM) was one of the first universities in Germany to be named a University of Excellence. TUM was founded in 1868 and carries a rich heritage of excellence in the field of education with having known for playing a vital role in Europe’s technological advancement. Over the years, the University holds the pride of producing several Nobel Prize winners who are the flag bearers of the quality that TUM has maintained always. Initially founded to provide the state of Bavaria with a center of learning dedicated to the natural science, today the TUM has expanded its horizon to varied areas of higher education. Students from across the world are welcomed to obtain an education in an excellent environment for research and training. One fact that makes TUM indeed reputable is that out of 41,375 existing students of the University, 35 percent of them are women.

With having 15 departments, the University conducts a wide range of programs offering students the choice of subjects that is unparalleled in Europe, although keeping the main focus on engineering and the natural and life sciences, flanked by business and social science. Additionally, keeping in mind to upgrade its international outlook, the university regularly introduces new English-language master’s programs. Students love to study at TUM and this can be well-recognized by the University’s ranking in the first league with study quality by Centre for Higher Education (CHE). In the latest rankings, TUM placed in the top group dozens of times. Architecture and mechanical engineering students, for example, awarded excellent marks for the study conditions as well as the teaching program – an area that also earned praise from students of the Engineering Science program at the Munich School of Engineering. Students of civil engineering and architecture reported high satisfaction with the IT infrastructure.

Moreover, areas, where TUM stands out for appearing in the top group particularly often, include the international orientation of degree programs and the support for new students. This implies, international students never have to feel like a foreigner at TUM, instead, they are accepted and welcomed with open heart and arms- both by the faculty members and the national students.  The students at TUM are not only made knowledgeable but also are groomed enough to fetch top rated jobs. The graduates of TUM’s degree programs are generally always in demand and that can be demonstrated regularly by the “Global University Employability Ranking”, based on a survey of approximately 7,000 companies in around 20 countries, wherein the most recent survey, TUM was ranked sixth worldwide.

Education at TUM is not only confined to lectures and exams, but it also goes beyond by indulging students in a variety of activities making their campus life more fulfilling and fun. From organizing festivals to organizing student bodies, the TUM campus life becomes a memorable one for every graduate. Especially for international students, the University makes different efforts to make them feel like at home away from home that includes student orientation, tutoring and buddy programs, Languages and Intercultural Services, welcome events and so on.