We will not implement National Education Policy, says Karnataka Minister


Karnataka will not implement the new National Education Policy (NEP). A decision to this effect will be announced very soon, after a meeting of officers and Ministers, Public Works Minister Satish Jarkiholi said in Belagavi on Tuesday.

“We have always opposed the new National Education Policy. It is detrimental to the education sector in general and is surely against the interests of students. We will never accept it. It has elements of saffronisation. It aims at reducing education opportunities for the deprived classes. Most education experts have opposed it. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will constitute a committee of experts who will study the ill effects of NEP and recommend action,” he said.

He said that he was in favour of dividing Belagavi district into smaller districts. It is big and administratively unviable. There can be demands for division into two, three or more new districts. But the State government will take a decision on scientific parametres. That will be final. Now, there are demands for new Gokak and Chikkodi districts. They will be considered, he said.

Bailhongal MLA Mahantesh Koujalagi said that there is a demand for Bailhongal district.

He said that he is not in favour of shifting State-level offices to the Suvarna Soudha. That would be unscientific and would cause inconvenience to the public. “I have opposed it when I was in the Opposition. I oppose it now too,” he said.