Annual Capacity Building Plan for employee training at the UGC very soon


On January 2, the University Grants Commission (UGC) inaugurated its Annual Capacity Building Plan (ACBP), aiming to foster the growth and skill development of its workforce.

The UGC Chairman, Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, officially launched the Annual Capacity Building Plan (ACBP) today, alongside Dr. R Balasubramanium, Member HR of the Capacity Building Commission. UGC stands out as the first autonomous organization to collaboratively plan the capacity building of its employees in conjunction with the Capacity Building Commission (CBC).

Kumar articulated the plan’s objective as follows: “The goal is to nurture, cultivate, and enrich the abilities, talents, competencies, efficiency, and qualifications of UGC employees, enhancing their capacity to contribute to the higher education system in India.”

Under this initiative, UGC employees will receive training in four pivotal areas:

1. Behavioral competencies, which empower UGC staff to take on more substantial roles than their usual responsibilities.
2. Functional competencies to enhance performance in administration, procurement, and financial management.
3. Enhanced domain competencies to excel in specialized fields like policy-making or project management.
4. Training in newer technology competencies to expedite processes, improve efficiency, maintain digital records, and leverage technology platforms for stakeholder engagement.

By September 15, 2023, over 600 UGC employees had joined the iGot Karmayogi platform. In the first quarter (October to December 2023), 630 UGC employees completed more than 4500 courses, with an average of 7 courses per employee, according to UGC notifications.

In the previous year, UGC conducted various offline/face-to-face training programs covering topics such as Reservation in Services, Introduction to Emerging Technologies using AI, Overview of Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) using Higher Education data, PFMS Awareness of General Financial Rules, Contract Management, Purchase of Services, RTI, etc. This effort will persist to fortify the capacity of UGC employees, aligning with the government’s Mission Karmayogi initiative for the skill enhancement of government employees.