Apollo College of Nursing, Chennai – Enlightening the Future of Nursing


Apollo College of Nursing, Chennai – Enlightening the Future of Nursing

In the vast realm of higher education in India, few fields command the same level of respect and admiration as nursing. With its unwavering dedication to healthcare and compassionate service, the nursing profession has emerged as an indispensable pillar of the Indian medical landscape. As the demand for skilled and empathetic nurses continues to soar, nursing colleges across the country have emerged as bustling hubs of knowledge, nurturing the next

generation of healthcare heroes.

Among the myriad options available, one institution stands out as a beacon of excellence and innovation: the Apollo College of Nursing in the vibrant city of Chennai. Nestled within the hallowed halls of the Apollo Hospitals Group, renowned for its unwavering commitment to patient care and cutting-edge medical advancements, this esteemed college radiates a unique aura of distinction.

Nurturing Healthcare Heroes

Apollo College of Nursing, a unit of Apollo Hospitals Educational Trust, has been a prominent figure in the private healthcare sector in India. Established in 1997 under the visionary leadership of Dr. Pratap C Reddy, it has grown to become a hub of nursing education in the country. Celebrating its 25th year, the college offers a comprehensive range of nursing programs.

The college offers the General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) program, which is a diploma in nursing. It also provides the Basic B.Sc. Nursing program, allowing diploma holders to upgrade their careers. Additionally, there is a Master of Science in Nursing (M.Sc. Nursing) programs available in five different specializations. For those seeking short-term courses, Apollo College of Nursing offers one-year Post-Basic Diploma programs in eight specialties. Furthermore, the college facilitates Ph.D. Nursing programs for aspiring researchers.

With a focus on international standards, the college aims to establish itself as a center of excellence in nursing education. Emphasizing quality, professional development, and research, their mission is to provide the best nursing education using current technology effectively. In recognition of their academic quality, research contributions, knowledge transfer, and high university pass rates, Apollo College of Nursing was ranked as the best nursing college by Puthuyugam TV in 2023.

Research is an integral part of the curriculum at Apollo College of Nursing. Following the guidelines of the Indian Nursing Council, research is expected from students across all courses. The college has a dedicated Apollo Center of Nursing Research, facilitating faculty research and collaborations with foreign institutions. Notably, the college has an institutional ethics committee, allowing students to undertake research projects with the committee’s registered permissions, which is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Leading Towards Change

As we are aware, the transformation of students into outstanding professionals greatly relies on the expertise and guidance of the faculty, and as a result we follow faculty recruitment guidelines. resulting in a total of approximately 70 faculty members, excluding the Principal and Vice principal”, shared Dr. Nesa Sathya Satchi, the Principal. “Presently, we have nearly 70 faculty members on board”, she added to her above statement.

An outstanding aspect of the college is that all department heads hold PhD degrees in their respective nursing specialties. The institution also actively encourages faculty development by supporting seven faculty members in pursuing their PhD degrees, with several nearing completion. Monthly faculty welfare programs and continuing nursing education initiatives are organized, featuring external experts and internal faculty members who share knowledge gained from institution-sponsored conferences. Travel expenses and registration fees are covered, and faculty members receive on-duty status during these events. Additionally, the college hosts two to three conferences per month, motivating faculty members to attend.

To promote knowledge sharing, Apollo College of Nursing has established a Journal Club, requiring each department to present new articles from journals regularly. Furthermore, once a year for a month, faculty members are assigned to work in clinical areas to expose themselves to recent trends in the medical field. This experience, not intended for supervision purposes, enables them to gain insights into the latest developments as staff nurses, enhancing their ability to effectively teach students. Recognizing the constant evolution of the medical field, this exposure helps faculty members stay up-to-date.

In line with their commitment to evidence-based practice, the college encourages faculty research. Funds are allocated for research, and faculty members submit proposals, which are reviewed by a committee that determines the permitted topics. Management provides funding to support two researchers from each department. These initiatives aim to enhance the quality of teaching through the incorporation of research findings.

The implemented measures have resulted in a notable low turnover rate among faculty members at Apollo College of Nursing. Many have dedicated over a decade of service, with some individuals serving for 15 years or more, reflecting their loyalty and commitment to the institution. However, junior faculty members tend to exhibit higher turnover rates, often influenced by personal reasons. These individuals join the college at a young age after completing their B.Sc Nursing program and gaining two to three years of experience. Eventually, they choose to seek stability in their personal lives, leading them to leave the institution. Nevertheless, overall turnover remains minimal, indicative of a stable faculty community.

Redefining Industry-Academia Relationships

In addition to Apollo Hospitals, the college has affiliations with eight other hospitals. For example – for psychiatric posting, students are sent to the Institute of Mental Health, while Obstetrics and Gynecology rotations take place at Government Maternity Centers. Community health experiences are provided at both rural and urban primary health centers. Majority of clinical rotations, however, occur within Apollo hospitals. Upon completion of the course, all students are guaranteed placement within Apollo hospitals. Graduates have the opportunity to work not only in Tamil Nadu but also in other Apollo Hospitals across India, as well as other hospitals in different parts of the globe.

The college offers career guidance throughout the course of study, including assistance with resume preparation and interview skills. Various interviews and campus recruitment drives are organized to prepare students for the job market. Additionally, nursing graduates from Apollo College of Nursing find employment in arenas beyond healthcare, such as medical coding, forensics, patient care appliances and social media as entrepreneurs, start-ups, CEO etc. both within India and abroad.

The college maintains a strong alumni association to track the progress and success of its graduates. Many students pursue careers overseas, with placements in European countries, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada being common. The activities of Alumni Association facilitate the graduates to keep conglomerated with their Alma mater. Notably, the Singapore Nursing Board recognizes Apollo College of Nursing under a mutual recognition agreement. This agreement allows students from the college to be appointed as registered nurses in Singapore hospitals without mandatory work experience as healthcare assistants. Apollo College of Nursing is one of only seven colleges in India with this privilege.

In the quest to provide globally competent education and build efficient health care delivery system, there exists collaboration of academic and research activities. The college also renders optimal space for extracurricular Co-Curricular and Social activities through Student Nurses Association, National Service Scheme and Youth Red Cross. Additional training in communication skills and an insight about OET is also given during the course of study through the Nurs-Eng course. Apollo Simulation Centre located within the campus with high-fidelity mannequins ensures that our students gain an immersive clinical learning experience. Our students proudly carry high the Apollo torch in India and abroad.