Cover Story : Athena School of Management – Building a Better World, One Student at a time


Today’s digital world demands dynamic thinking and learning. Technology is evolving, so are businesses & market trends. Due to this, the challenges faced by the managers have also become dynamic. A manager’s role today is really pivotal to the growth of his/her organization. In addition, he/she is in charge of executing defined strategies, communicating efficiently, and becoming that leader, the whole team/organization can rely on. Trust is a leadership trait that is earned. Building trust is a continuous process, and thereby, leaders/managers have to add trust-building to their list of long-term goals and aims. In the process of creating dynamic leaders/managers of the 21st century, Athena School of Management came into existence. The institute aims at providing society with confident individuals, with the right amount of leadership skills, who are also able decision-makers. 

The institute derives its name from the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage & inspiration – Athena. Based on the current rapid development scenario of our country, corporate India demands dynamic young leaders who possess wisdom, courage and the passion towards inspiring others. Thereby, the founding management found the most resemblance to our current scenario with the Greek Goddess and her persona. Working towards building an institute which converts dreams into reality for many management aspirants, Athena School of Management is nothing but an institute run by a group of people who lead, motivate, and inspire young students towards achieving their respective dreams. 

Building Dynamic Minds

A true global school in the making, Athena is that school which every management aspirant dream about. Started by senior business leaders in the pursuit of creating an environment for complete learning, Athena boasts about being the best corporate b-school in the country. Industry plays an important part in the working philosophy at the institute, influencing every move made, keeping in mind the latest world-wide trends, demands, and teaching techniques. 

Faculty members at Athena are a bunch of talented and experienced individuals, who have served in the corporate sectors honing their managerial skills and known for excellent decision making. The b-school preaches profile-based admissions, and strongly believes in the concept of – “Marks don’t make a man, the profile is what makes a man”. An NMAT & a GMAT preferred institute, Athena has a wide range of contributions towards society, which are also coincidentally their biggest achievements. Being a part of AACSB, a global nonprofit association, which connects educators, students and businesses in the process of creating the leaders of tomorrow, Athena serves as a thorough platform for holistic learning, pushing students towards becoming complete individuals, ready to dive into the corporate world with ease. 

Athena is also a founding member of BGA – Business Graduates Association, a global movement working in the development of fierce business talent, leaders and managers who are ready to tackle the needs of the economy of today and tomorrow. Exposure to such facilities, benefit students at Athena to become responsible individuals, who will grow to become leaders/managers working towards creating a positive impact in the management field, taking part in lifelong learning. 

Real World, Real Learning

Ideally situated amidst the top corporates of the world, in a bustling cosmopolis like Mumbai, students get the corporate feel from the day one of their college life at Athena. Unlike other colleges with MBA/PGDM programs, where students attend one internship throughout their academic lives, students at Athena are provided with opportunities to attend multiple internships throughout their 2-year course work, giving them a real-world outlook to every lesson or topic they learn in the classroom. “Last year 15 of our students attended international internships across countries like Holland, Germany and so on..”, stated Aditya Singh, the Director of the institute during a brief conversation we had with him, about the whole working ethos followed at Athena and why Athena is undoubtedly one of the best B-schools our country has to offer. 

Continuing our conversation with the Director, we brought up the topic of how unique the learning environment is at Athena, quite enthusiastic in his response he quoted – “We work towards building, Jo dikta hai wohi bikta Hai”. Preparing students for their future, and not emphasizing on what they are today, but perhaps, what they will be tomorrow, Athena’s tone of education imparting is quite unique and effective, when compared to their peers across the globe. Adding to his earlier statement, Aditya quoted – “Duniyadaari is emphasized at our institute”. Elaborating on this point, he said – “Students are made to go through rigorous learning procedures, focusing on presentations, debates, case studies & communications, enabling students at Athena to grow as unique individuals each day, guiding them towards becoming role-models our country demands. 

A state-of-the-art campus built to give a real-world corporate feel, Athena is located at Powai in the Hiranandani Gardens area. At a walking distance from the famous Powai Lake & IIT Bombay, the location serves as the icing on the cake for the students ready to take a successful leap towards their corporate/entrepreneurial endeavours. The exteriors are inspired by Greco Roman Architecture with an impressive lobby and a roof garden. A complete WI-FI enabled campus, Athena is a haven for the best business management learning. 

Learn to Inspire

The curriculum and the pedagogy designed for the students is based on corporate perspectives. Having a faculty which is keen on delivering the content through Socrates Methodology is an added bonus. The students are encouraged to learn through projects and case studies and the faculty members serve as facilitators guiding and motivating their understanding. The interactive sessions that follow between the students and the faculty members further strengthens the concept learning. All this results in creating innovative, corporate leaders who can independently take decisions and achieve organizational goals in future.

Personality development is given utmost importance, promoting grooming events & corporate events, giving students unique platforms to spark the inner innovators within themselves. The b-school believes that business/management learning can’t be based out of a textbook, but perhaps based out of experiences and therefore, the management and the faculty leave no stones unturned in making, learning at Athena a complete experience-based. With only 120 students in-take each year, Athena is no more of a dream come true for all the management aspirants looking for an institute which focuses on building dreams towards a better tomorrow.  

With an on-campus ED cell at the rescue, students are motivated towards being learners who can conceptualize, create, and execute their entrepreneurship ideas. In-order to boost entrepreneurial thinking, regular startup summits and simulators are organized at Athena. Being in the midst of a thumping corporate sector, and as a result of an immense corporate-connect and exposure, Athena reports brilliant placement records each year. With top companies visiting the campus, eligible candidates benefit from these opportunities a big time, keeping up with the international standards set by Athena, and bringing success and happiness to themselves in every endeavour of their lives.  

Aditya Singh, The Director

An adept and a passionate entrepreneur cum educationist, Aditya Singh heads Athena School of Management as the Director of the institute. An alumnus of SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai, he has worked in top-corporates of the country such as Tata group, IBM, Kotak as consulting personnel. He went ahead with his further studies, by pursuing his ADP from Wharton University, USA. He started his teaching career as a professor in Leadership Development at Athena School of Management. An active member of Rotary International, a prolific speaker on topics such as Leadership, Differential Thinking, Entrepreneurship, & Military History, he guides and motivates students at Athena with all his vigour, encouraging them towards bettering themselves personality vice and also academically.