Blind Student Achieves Milestone by Gaining Admission to IIIT-Lucknow


In a groundbreaking development for the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Lucknow, a visually impaired student has been admitted for the academic session 2023-24, marking the first occurrence since its establishment in 2015. Bhuvika Agrawal, a 19-year-old BTech student, embarked on an extraordinary journey from using a Braille writer to mastering coding. Despite being born prematurely with complete blindness, Bhuvika never allowed her disability to hinder her pursuit of goals. Director Arun Mohan Sherry of IIIT-L expresses immense pride in Bhuvika’s accomplishments. “We are incredibly proud to have such a talented student. While our campus is disability-friendly, Bhuvika chose to study without additional support, a decision that further elevates our pride,” stated the IIIT-L director. As a student, Bhuvika found Braille to be impractical and devised a method to access e-book content audibly and visualize diagrams and charts by running her hands over the computer keypad.