CBSE Exam format for Classes 11, 12 from will be more competency based


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced on Thursday a revision in the examination structure for Class 11 and 12 starting from the academic year 2024-25. The updated format will prioritize questions focusing on the application of concepts rather than lengthy descriptive responses. Notably, there are no alterations to the examination format for Classes 9 and 10.

This shift is poised to initiate a significant change in students’ study approaches, transitioning away from memorization-based learning towards a more comprehensive understanding of subjects. The intention is to empower students to think creatively, foster innovation, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the subjects they study.

Joseph Emanuel, CBSE Director (Academics), highlighted that this change aligns with the National Education Policy of 2020, emphasizing competency-based education. The board has undertaken various measures to implement this approach, including aligning assessments with competencies, developing resources for teachers and students, and providing continuous teacher training.

The proportion of questions focusing on competencies has been increased from 40% to 50%, covering various formats such as MCQs, case-based questions, and source-based integrated questions. Conversely, the percentage of constructed response questions, including both short and long answers, has been reduced from 40% to 30%.

Emanuel emphasized that the board’s objective is to foster an educational environment that encourages critical, creative, and systems thinking, essential for addressing 21st-century challenges. The alignment of assessments and evaluation practices with the NEP-2020 will continue for the academic session 2024-2025. Consequently, there will be adjustments in the upcoming session’s question papers to incorporate a higher percentage of competency-based questions assessing real-life application of concepts.