Delhi Government Launches ‘Mission Shiksha’ to Improve Quality of Education in State Schools


On March 3rd, 2023, the Delhi Government announced the launch of ‘Mission Shiksha,’ a new initiative aimed at improving the quality of education in state schools. The mission will focus on four key areas: teacher training, infrastructure improvement, curriculum development, and student support.

Under the initiative, the Delhi Government will provide intensive training to teachers to improve their teaching skills and pedagogy. The training will focus on areas such as classroom management, student engagement, and using technology in teaching.

The initiative will also focus on improving school infrastructure, including the construction of new classrooms, libraries, and laboratories. The government will also provide funding for the purchase of new equipment and technology to enhance the learning experience for students.

To improve the curriculum, the government will work with experts to revise and update the existing syllabus to make it more relevant and engaging for students. The new curriculum will be designed to focus on skill-building, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Finally, the initiative will provide additional support to students who are struggling academically or facing socio-economic barriers. This will include the provision of tutoring services, counseling, and mentorship programs.

The launch of ‘Mission Shiksha’ comes at a time when there is growing concern about the quality of education in state schools in Delhi. The initiative has been welcomed by educators and parents, who hope that it will lead to a significant improvement in the quality of education and the future prospects of students in the state.

Overall, ‘Mission Shiksha’ represents a significant step forward in the efforts to improve the quality of education in state schools in Delhi and promote a more equitable and just education system for all students.