Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan emphasises on the importance of Mother Tongue in effective student growth


Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Saturday said that access to education should be in the mother tongue which would help the students grow from early childhood.

The minister, while launching the 52 Primers initiative, said that it will be an inspirational journey for young minds, paving the way for deeper understanding, lifelong learning, more familiarity and rooted beds in indigenous culture and greater success in academics and beyond.

“The initiative has been developed by the Department of School Education and Literacy (DoSEL) in pursuance to National Education Policy, 2020,” the minister said.

He said that this day will be a landmark day in taking a step ahead towards becoming Viksit Bharat by 2047.

He also launched the DIETS of Excellence, National Professional Standard for Teachers

“This is a pivotal stride towards realising an inclusive, innovative, and equitable education system. Empowering both teachers and learners at the grassroots level, these have great potential to deliver quality education for all,” the minister said.