REVA University, Faculty of Commerce & Management – A World for Learners


It goes out without saying that higher education in India has grown manifold in its length and breadth. Reaching areas which were not needed or perhaps not thought off a couple of years ago, but today finding the necessity of it at an all time high. Exploring your interests and availing all the opportunities around you is the need of the hour. Moreover, keeping oneself up to date with all the current trends and demands of the corporate world has become really important. Corporates today do not want to hire employees, but leaders, who can influence, motivate, and lead a positive workforce which determines the right amount of support and success one gets. Built on the basis of imparting equal importance to all its students, and in the process of producing overachievers who enter the real-world with confidence and ease, REVA University excels in providing holistic education of today.

An ambitious endeavour of DivyaSree developers,
and run under the RECT, REVA University is a role model in terms of maintaining quality standards and also a prime example of how to run a successful educational institution keeping everyone together, running towards a common goal as one big family. Since its inception in the year 2004, REVA has achieved great laurels in terms of imparting quality education to the masses, and commerce being one of the most sought after academic programs, REVA University’s plans were far more impressive and intricate. REVA University started its school of Commerce and Management with industry integrated programs, which in turn helped with reducing the industry and academia gap. The exceptional rating of the School of Commerce & Management, to be listed among the top universities of India, is a living proof of consistent hard work put in by the management and the faculty of the University.

Where Every Student Thrives
At REVA University – School of Commerce & Management, a complete student-centric atmosphere exists. At the University, young students are nurtured towards becoming leaders of eminence and successful entrepreneurs. Innovative academic & research programs in business, commerce and trade are made available to the students so that they acquire the necessary skills and qualities during their brief study period at REVA. Keeping in scope the current requirements of ready, confident young professionals, the curriculum at the institute is inclusive of academics as well as out of the classroom learning, enabling the students to become trained individuals in organizing skills, communication skills, entrepreneurial skills, compassion, time management and so on. REVA being a multicultural hub of learning and fun, students learn more than what is taught to them by just interacting with people from varied backgrounds, cultures and regions.

Research skills are well tended to at REVA, giving rise to more practical learning being preached than theoretical. With the aim of creating well-rounded individuals at the University, critical thinking and problem solving attitude is inculcated in the curriculum, so that students always have a track of their ongoings and keep up with rapidly changing landscape of the corporate world.

The management of the University is always in a constant encounter with themselves, pushing to outdo, achieve and create opportunities for both faculty and the students to rise above the normal. With the current pandemic lurking at our doorsteps, students across the globe are stuck with thoughts of uncertainty and doubt about their academics and their future. However, REVA always believed in going digital and fortunately, the preparations and efforts put in by the management resulted in a smooth transition of the teaching-learning system from face-to-face to online. Online classes are regularly carried out, and in-addition the career development cell holds classes and webinars regularly to keep in touch with students, their growth curves, and eventually track their progress towards achieving success. Most importantly, the thorough adaptability of the teaching-learning process at REVA, benefited students from the rural areas as well, enabling them a disturbance free learning even during these tough times.
“Regular feedback is taken from the faculty and the students regarding the various initiatives taken by the management, and accordingly the necessary measures are implemented”, stated Dr. P. Shyama Raju, the Chancellor of REVA University, during a brief conversation we had with him, regarding how REVA excels in every academic aspect and how the Management wants to work towards making a difference.

Building Futures
Students of REVA excel in every field be it academics or co-curriculars, the reason being the dedicated faculty and the assistance given to the students. The faculty at the School of Commerce & Management comprises trained individuals, who are also excellent academics in their respective subjects. The academic guidelines set by the university encourage students to interact with the faculty and the industry experts, pushing them towards learning via group discussions, seminars, presentations, and inquiry based learning, coupled with a progressive growth atmosphere. Each faculty member at the school is allotted 10-15 students, for whom they are responsible, acting as mentors for both online and offline real-world learning. According to the Chancellor of the University – “The Faculty are more facilitators, and less teachers on the stage for the students”.
The big dream of today’s youth is to enter the best corporate or to give wings to their ideas or innovations. Keeping this as one of the main concerns to be addressed, REVA University continuously aspires towards giving the best training to their students dipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, required by the corporate world. REVA University, being a pioneer in exceptional initiatives, launched REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) with tailor-made corporate training programs. With the help of RACE students are trained towards becoming successful entrepreneurs and corporate employees with a difference. Experts from varied industrial backgrounds who have thorough knowledge of the market trends create specific training methodologies.

With the state-of-the-art infrastructure at the disposal, students feel at home every minute they spend at the institute, under the warm guidance of the esteemed faculty. From dance to drama, music to performances, arts to crafts, sports to yoga, importance is given to all these co-curricular activities and thereby, REVA students showcase their talent in inter-college sports tournaments or volunteer for fest related activities. Students are offered brilliant internship and placement opportunities, summing up the whole learning and growth experience the students get at REVA and an excellent chance/opportunity to go out into the real-world and find a spot for themselves and yet grow beyond the normal.