France to offer 5-year Schengen visa for Indian alumni, aims to welcome 30,000 students from India

A few days after France announced a longer  post study work visa for indian students in france ,the European country today announced that the Indian students who have even spent just a semester in France are now eligible for a 5-year short-stay Schengen visa.

“France believes that when an Indian student spends even just a semester in France, it creates a connection that ought to be fostered and cherished. That is why, Indian students who hold a Master’s degree or above and have spent at least a semester studying in France are eligible for a 5-year short-stay Schengen visa. This is a special provision for Indian alumni to enable them to keep close links with France and their French counterparts,” the official statement from the French Embassy read.

As per the official notification, in order to be eligible, applicants must have studied in France for at least one semester, and must have reached Master’s degree level or above at a recognised university in India, France or a third country. These candidates will also need to submit a duly completed visa application fully compliant with the usual Schengen requirements.