Free, online STEM programme launched for Indian students


A not-for-profit organisation We Speak Science today announced launch of a free, online programme to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds pursue academic careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). The registration for this programme are now open at the official website —

The registrations have started now, and the programme will officially commence on February 27. This will be a three-week course, which will include discussion forums, e-learning and live classes. All the formats will be delivered through digital learning platform, insendi, meaning students will be able to access the learning material at any time and from any location.

This programme will include lectures from Ajit Jaokar, the Artificial Intelligence Course Director at the University of Oxford, Professor Vladimir Pletser, who trained as an astronaut with NASA, David Mackay, a pilot with Virgin Galactic, and We Speak Science founder, Dr Detina Zalli.

Through this programme, students will learn the fundamentals of data science, cell biology and space biology gaining practical knowledge to solve authentic, real-case difficulties the world faces in the 21st century.

While the programme is open to all Indian students, the organisation aims to empower young people from low socio-economic backgrounds through STEM education. Interested candidates should remember that if a course is oversubscribed, an anonymous assessment will be conducted, so that preference will be given to those students who meet the criteria.