Grading system in Class 10 board examination to be introduced in Manipur


The Manipur government has announced the implementation of a grading system for the class 10 board examination starting from this year, according to an official statement.

The statement, issued by Joint Secretary of the Education Department, Elangbam Sonia, clarified that under this new system, no divisions or ranks will be assigned for the high school leaving certificate examination (class 10).

Instead, the grading system will entail the assignment of grades without displaying total marks or aggregates on the document. Additionally, no divisions or ranks will be awarded; only pass or fail status will be printed.

Students will receive grades such as A1 for scores ranging from 91 to 100, A2 for scores ranging from 81 to 90, and E1 for scores ranging from 21 to 30, with the latter being classified as fail along with E2.

The government emphasized the importance of fostering healthy competition among students to improve performance while ensuring that it does not result in undue stress or discouragement. It stated that the grading system aims to alleviate stress and reduce the burden on students, allowing them to learn with less pressure and competitiveness at their age.