Himachal Pradesh to sponsor higher education of widows’ children


During a state-level assembly of Ekal Nari Sangathan, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu of Himachal Pradesh emphasized the government’s initiatives aimed at uplifting disadvantaged segments of society. He outlined plans to enhance the social security pension scheme by incorporating 40,000 new recipients in the upcoming fiscal year, entailing an extra expenditure of Rs. 70 crore, as officially declared.

At present, the scheme disburses around Rs. 1,260 crore, benefiting 784,000 individuals, including senior citizens, widows, single women, persons with disabilities, and those affected by leprosy. Chief Minister Sukhu introduced the “Mukhya Mantri Sukh-Shiksha Yojana,” designed to support the education of widows’ children until they reach 27 years old, provided their family income falls below one lakh rupees annually.

The Mukhya Mantri Sukh-Shiksha Yojana encompasses various higher education streams, including medical, engineering, NITs, IIMs, IITs, nursing, undergraduate, and postgraduate studies. It includes a provision of Rs. 1,000 per month deposited in recurring deposit accounts until eligible children reach 18 years of age. Additionally, the State Government will cover the annual health insurance premium for qualifying women, incurring an additional expense of about Rs. 41 crore.