Indian Medical Students can practice locally now in Philippines


The House of Representatives of the Philippines passed an amendment to the Philippine Medical Act of 1959 that will facilitate international students, particularly Indians, in registering and practicing medicine in the country.

Students who successfully complete a 12-month internship and a Doctor of Medicine degree from a Philippine College of Medicine recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) would be entitled to register and practice medicine in the Philippines under the recently introduced amendment. The certification required to expedite this procedure will be provided by the CHED, guaranteeing graduates a seamless transfer.

The legislative framework and cornerstone of the medical profession in the nation for the greatest period of time has been “Republic Act No. 2382,” also known as “The Medical Act of 1959,” as modified by Republic Act Nos. 4224 and 5946. However, in light of the evolving needs of the healthcare system, the advancement of cutting-edge technologies, the entry of WTO-GATS and other pertinent international agreements, as well as the internationalization of medical education and practice, the 21st century has significantly altered the content, context, and delivery of medical education and the practice of the medical profession.