International School of Management & Research B-School, Pune- A Real-World for Real Education


As Indians, 2025 is the year to look forward to in spite of this pandemic COVID-19. With the Indian Government setting its goal on making our country a $5 trillion economy, exciting times are ahead of us. Especially in terms of big rise in the demand for talent, and most importantly demand for MBAs. A thriving economy would need ‘industry ready’ management professionals, well-equipped with skills, techniques and knowledge to ride the big recruitment wave in a couple of years from today.

India is being a home to more than 3,000 B-Schools offering MBA programs, a significant number of them boast of offering great quality of management education and great placements. But unfortunately, most of these boastful claims are just boasts without any basis in facts. Considering various parameters where a B-School has to excel in, pertaining to the current market standards and demands, International School of Management & Research (ISMR) comes as a welcome ray of hope for all the management aspirants looking forward to a smooth transition from being aspirants to becoming thorough management professionals.

Known for the introduction of mentoring and tutoring systems, thereby creating waves in the educational field with its radical and groundbreaking methodologies, ISMR B-School has become a destination for high-achieving students. As a continuous learning organization ISMR B-School is now ready to transit from Physical to Digital without losing single hour of our students for learning even in lockdown. As a result ISMR B-School is now ready with all infrastructural set up to run virtual classes accommodating the students those are physically away from campus but can be digitally connected. The alternate of provision to have access for live and recorded videos of every lecture, we hope that no one would lose its opportunity to become a future manager. A home to a constellation of academicians, mentors, trainers, corporate partners, alumni, and young students, ISMR B-School is perhaps right on its path towards becoming a center of excellence.

A World of Opportunities
A mission-oriented institute, run by Shri Vigneshwara Education Society, ISMR B-School envisions itself to become a world class B-School, achieving excellence in management education and research. A premier B-School in Pune, known for a 100% placement assistance record since its inception, the institute is located in a lush green 20-acre campus away from the city pollution and in a noise free atmosphere. Even during lockdown ISMR B-School has been successful to provide WORK FROM Placements and WORK FROM HOME summer internships to all its students. A mobile free campus, a unique practice rarely followed in any other B-Schools, with a strong motive of keeping our future managers away from any sort of distractions, and in turn motivating them towards developing various skills and increasing their focus towards learning.

The B-School with a strong aim of providing quality management learning to the masses, ensures that education is accessible to all irrespective of their financial standings. “A unique yet effective application-oriented approach in teaching, enables dynamic learning enabling ‘Happy Learning’ Ambience”, quoted Dr. Nilesh Bhutada, the managing trustee at the institute, in the brief discussion we had regarding the working quintessence at ISMR B-School. He also added to his earlier statement by saying – “We work towards transforming students to lead the economy of tomorrow”.

Students at the ISMR B-School are trained well not just in their academic endeavors, but also in abilities and skills which will help them overcome challenges of the corporate world. Students are also empowered to grab the opportunities by choice, and not wait for them to knock on their doors.

In the continuous process of providing managerial talent via lifelong learning, cultural diversity is a prominent feature of the institute. Promoting a complete student-centric atmosphere, students are made to feel at home every minute they spend at ISMR B-School, irrespective of the economic or their cultural differences. In this ever-changing rapidly evolving economic and social global environment, ISMR B-School stands out when compared to the competing B-Schools in terms of boundaryless teaching tactics. More emphasis is laid on practical learning rather than theoretical learning, thereby teaching techniques are altered accordingly, inculcating rigorous training and learning with the help of Live Projects and Management Development Programs.

Building Futures
Deemed as the best MBA College in Pune, ISMR B-School strives in the direction of developing successful leaders through excellent industry interface and contemporary course structure. Courses at the institute are modified continuously based on the standards set by the university, favoring students towards building skills and techniques, the corporate world demands.

The faculty at ISMR B-School acts as mentors, rather than just teachers, in turn building a strong connection with the students. The faculty comprises qualified, well-experienced individuals who have both corporate as well as teaching experience. The teaching-learning process followed is more of an interactive opportunity for the students, in turn benefiting from case studies, surveys, real-life examples and experiences. Extra importance is given on bringing out the personality out of the students, helping them become confident managers, focusing on the overall development of every individual.

Serving as a cherry on the cake, the location of the ISMR B-School is more of a dream comes true for management aspirants looking for a perfect school for their management endeavors. The 20-acre campus of ISMR B-School is a haven for the students and the faculty alike to focus on educating themselves, close to nature, with the help of Indian Wisdom. Treating its students as CEOs of esteemed organizations from the beginning, instilling a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility among them, well-prepared and ready, a student enters ISMR B-School as an aspirant, but leaves ISMR B-School as a born corporate leader.