K Malathi Reddy


The Indian education domain has no dearth of mentors. But a mark of a true mentor is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination. In this respect, K Malathi Reddy is a true paragon of quality mentorship, heading Megha and Omega Group of Institutions, as the Vice Chairperson and a woman leader the world needs today. Considering it as a proud privilege and honor that she gets to serve the society and discharge her responsibilities as an Educational Leader in today’s world, she started her journey when the Chairman – Sri Nagam Mohan Reddy an Academician and a Visionary in Education, gave K Malathi Reddy a chance to display her excellence as an edupreneur. It was then and it is now, that the group has grown manifold, and now operates with 16 institutions having nearly 16000 students and 800 faculty members with 1200 supporting staff, all under the capable leadership of K Malathi Reddy.

A Passionate Edupreneur of Today
“Passion for education is of paramount importance for me”, shares K Malathi Reddy telling us about that constant inner force in her that pushes her everyday towards doing something worthwhile for the society, particularly, for the deprived girl child. Also, through various endeavors she ensures that an affordable education is made available to all the girls in Telangana and the remaining parts of the country, guiding happy and successful personal as well as professional journeys.
“When a woman is a graduate, every home will be a university”, stated K Malathi Reddy paraphrasing words of the last Governor-General of India – C. Rajagopalachari, whose words she explains is her main inspiration in her path of educating girls and women at the round. Moreover, striving to be that go-to person for all the students, staff and anyone and everyone who needs her assistance, as the Vice-Chairperson she works day and night to maintain educational quality and provide seamless quality standards with support from the management, industry partners, university, and all the stakeholders.

Revolutionizing leadership
“We at Megha and Omega have been very supportive to all our students and parents in the current times of the pandemic, in turn, trying our best to churn out only the best out of each and every student”, added K Malathi Reddy, talking about how the pandemic was a learning experience for all, and how she personally grew as an individual. Continuing on this very point she quoted – “The pandemic was a blessing in disguise no matter the irreplaceable havoc and turmoil it had created in all aspects, as it has given us new insights to handle important functions and issues without emphasizing on the physical presence”. She also strongly feels that participative style of leadership has been reinforced in all of us again in post the pandemic, as it helps to bring out the best, and uplift the performance of the organization and boost a sense of belonging.

Having an M.Sc (Chem) & B.Ed. degrees credited to her name, K Malathi Reddy’s leadership and guidance has helped Megha and Omega group of institutions win many awards, accolades and recognitions. Ms. Malathi Reddy is also proud to announce that, the Megha Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women which is one of the most widely known group Institution of Megha and Omega Group is the first among few private colleges to be associated with Indian Institute of Remote Sensing and Indian Space Research Organization IIRS – ISRO as its Nodal Center, that facilitates students to take up online courses offered by ISRO. Additionally, the group of institutions has tie ups with NPTEL-National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning Courses as well, which motivates students to adapt themselves to enhanced learning, under the supervision of Ministry of Education MoE Project, which is implemented by seven Indian Institute of Technology-IITs and IISc-Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Looking back to what India was and how she looks forward towards the dawn of new beginnings, Ms. K Malathi Reddy firmly believes in that if a girl is properly educated then she can bring life and light to people around her and society at large, this is the main reason behind the establishment of Megha Institute of Engineering And Technology for Women in a picturesque lush green serene environment , so that quality education can be given at an affordable fee for the students, along with having evolutionary changes to the effect.
“Our performance in academics is praiseworthy, yet, we do not tend to overlook co-curricular activities as well. Students are expected to fully equip themselves such that they are able to face the rigors of life at a global level. We spare no effort, whatsoever in this direction.” shares Ms. Malathi Reddy on ensuring that the students are well acquainted with personalities representing nearly all walks of life. Ms Reddy aims that her students on completion of their stay in the college are moulded into capable citizens, thereby, fulfilling the needs of their parents, society and above all, represent their nation at global level.

Ms. Reddy believes that mere acquiring knowledge is of no use. Her mission is to impart Value Based Education aiming at holistic development of the students with industry relevant applied skills set. Passion for education is of paramount importance for her and the continuous constant inner force drives her to do something for the betterment of the society particularly for the girl child. “If a woman is educated, every home will be a university.” inspired by the Late Ch.Rajagopalachari’s saying who was the last Governor General of India, Ms. Reddy focuses on getting motivated and staying connected with the education sector.

Acquiring many leadership qualities, Ms. K Malathi Reddy’s leadership philosophy is very humble, more of coordination and progression instead of bossing around. She likes to work in a team and her vision stands strong about education, more particularly about the girls which should explicitly come out. She truly believes that girls should join universities and make themselves ready for their future. Ms. Reddy follows the concept of student centric participation, focusing on providing quality education in an affordable fee structure. She also believes that her students and the parents are her brand ambassadors and the publicity of the institute through word of mouth is really important.