Dr. Neetha Sathe


Every leader carries with them a compelling narrative, much of which unfolds within the organization they lead. Dr. Neetha Sathe, the Managing Trustee of New Pratham School, embodies such a tale. With a track record of consistently achieving 100% results, New Pratham Public School (NPPS) champions a child-centric, value-based approach to experiential learning, nurturing the skills and intellectual acumen crucial for success in today’s dynamic world. Dr. Neetha stands at the forefront of this educational evolution. Recognizing her remarkable contributions to the K12 industry and society at large, we are privileged to celebrate her inclusion among the Pragmatic Women Leaders in K12 Education 2024.

Championing Education

Dr. Neetha Sathe’s career in education is propelled by an unwavering motivation and passion for learning, coupled with a genuine enjoyment of working with students and a strong desire to make a meaningful impact on future generations.

At New Pratham Public School, Dr. Neetha plays a pivotal role in fostering an enriching community dedicated to education, empowering young minds, and effecting positive change in society. Located in Pai Layout, an area lacking a reputable CBSE school with a no-donation policy and affordable fees, NPPS offers exceptional facilities.

Driven by experiences that have inspired her, whether through influential teachers or mentors, Dr. Neetha is deeply committed to educational leadership. She seeks to address educational inequities and create positive changes within educational systems.

New Pratham School in a Nutshell

Established on April 18th, 2010, under the management of the Sree Venkateshwara Group of Companies, New Pratham Public School (NPPS) stands prominently in Pai Layout, Madras Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Committed to fostering academic excellence while upholding affordability and integrity, NPPS prioritizes practical knowledge over textbook reliance, understanding that hands-on experience cultivates deeper understanding.

NPPS is dedicated to offering quality education accessible to all. The school prides itself on its modern amenities, including a Multisports Activity Centre, NPPS Playzone, computer lab, library, smart boards, science lab, art and craft facilities, yoga and karate classes, indoor sports facilities, and an international cricket bowling machine, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for its students.

Adhering to a CBSE-based curriculum, placing equal emphasis on academic excellence and the mental well-being of its students, the school integrates weekly co-curricular activities to enrich the learning experience while maintaining a safe, clean, and hygienic environment conducive to optimal health.

As the Managing Trustee

In her capacity as managing trustee, Dr. Neetha Sathe oversees a spectrum of responsibilities vital to the effective functioning of New Pratham Public School. This includes strategic planning to align with educational standards, financial management to ensure sustainability, and policy development to maintain a safe and inclusive learning environment.

She leads efforts in staff recruitment and training, fosters community engagement, and collaborates on curriculum development. Additionally, Dr. Neetha ensures facilities are well-maintained and safe, and that the school remains compliant with regulations and accreditation standards. Her role extends to crisis management and continuous improvement initiatives, all aimed at fulfilling the school’s mission of providing quality education and holistic development to every student.

 Navigating Challenges

In a brief interview session with Dr. Neetha, we inquired about the diverse challenges she encounters as the Managing Trustee of New Pratham. She responded, “The primary challenges encompass financial management, staff coordination, student performance enhancement, infrastructure development, and parental engagement.” When queried about her approach to overcoming these obstacles, she elaborated, “To tackle these challenges, I employ strategies such as thorough budget planning, extensive staff training, data-driven decision-making, proactive facilities management, and fostering effective communication channels with parents.” Throughout the dialogue, it became evident that Dr. Neetha’s leadership plays a pivotal role in ensuring the school’s success in delivering quality education, nurturing a conducive learning atmosphere, and fostering strong community bonds.

On a Personal Note

Dr. Neetha Sathe emphasizes the importance of establishing clear boundaries by setting specific hours for school-related tasks and disconnecting during personal time to focus on family, hobbies, and relaxation.

Dr. Neetha prioritizes self-care activities such as exercise, meditation, and hobbies to recharge and maintain overall well-being, recognizing that taking care of oneself enables better service to the school community. Effective communication with colleagues, staff, and stakeholders about availability and boundaries is paramount for Dr. Neetha, who sets realistic expectations regarding response times and availability outside of regular working hours.

Beyond her work in education, Dr. Neetha prioritizes activities such as music, traveling, spending time with family and friends, continuous learning, exploring new business opportunities, and managing other business ventures like the petrol pump, restaurant, and real estate.